Voice supported virtual assistants have found their way into a number of places, in appliances, consumer products, and households as commonplace items. Using voice commands to execute actions, virtual assistants provide time-sensitive information that heightens user experience and efficiency in processes. Alexa by Amazon is packed with skills that can be used beyond homes and in office environments to enable increased productivity and efficiency. Our AI experts can help you craft the perfect ones with our Custom Alexa Skill Development Services.

What is Alexa?

Alexa is the primary voice-assistant created by Amazon and powered by Artificial Intelligence that works on a number of Amazon devices. Alexa deciphers the information in your organization through user accounts and skills and uses this information to answer queries. Each command is known as a “Skill” and can be created with the Alexa Skills kit.

In a business environment, Amazon’s Alexa devices can be incorporated to perform a myriad of tasks including call scheduling, document editing, and tracking orders etc. With custom Alexa skill development, organizations can position themselves for enhanced productivity, intuitive management, and process simplification.

Alexa can be accessed through Alexa devices i.e. Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show. These interactive devices are called smart speakers and come with Alexa built in. Alexa can be activated using the wake-word “ALEXA” followed by the command. Alexa can also be integrated with a number of smart appliances or devices and users can then interact with these devices through Alexa.

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Custom Alexa Skill Development

The default Amazon Alexa Skills might serve your household needs, but when it comes to a business you need custom Alexa skills that resonate with your business processes and requirements. Custom Alexa skills are configured based on interaction type, content, and endpoint. We at Rolustech have complete command of the Alexa platform and provide Custom Alexa Skill Development based on your requirement by implementing our Machine Learning capabilities.

We have designed and configured the following Alexa skills:

  • Custom Skills
  • Smart Home Skills
  • Video Skills
  • Music Skills

Our Alexa Skill Development services can be used to do a multitude of tasks and can massively optimize business processes, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Website monitoring, email management, and schedule management are some of the common skills Rolustech has configured for clients.

Here are some Custom Alexa Skills that Rolustech can implement for you.

  • Make Calls with Name
  • Reminders
  • Conference Management
  • Document Editing
  • Time Tracking
  • Google Analytics
  • Add Events

Alexa and CRM

Alexa can be integrated with a CRM through an Amazon Alexa device and information can be fetched from the CRM through voice commands. A range of different processes can be configured through custom skills in Alexa and users can simply command Alexa to execute actions. With an integration of AI and CRM, a contact can be created in the Contacts Module through a voice command. Calls and reminders can also be scheduled through vocal commands. Integration of AI with CRM can optimize the following processes for you;

Customer Management via Voice

Alexa can harness your CRM data and use predictive intelligence and analysis to proactively cater to your user needs and inquiries.

CRM Reports

Alexa can give meaningful insights from reports on the go. This is helpful in the essence that you don’t have to decipher reports yourself.

Improved CRM User Experience

Customers can use Alexa devices to contact a firm’s support desk or employees can use Alexa to fetch customer data and information. Voice commands can improve customer experience in CRM.

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Frequently Asked Question

Alexa skills can be created with all common languages i.e. JavaScript, C#, Python, etc. However, you need an Alexa-enabled device to test and use the skills. Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo dot and devices with Alexa Voice Service.

As of this moment, Alexa supports 7 overall languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Yes, we can develop and integrate custom Alexa Skills for SugarCRM as it is open-source and Rolustech is a SugarCRM certified developer and partner firm.

We have developed our own plugin which enables Alexa and Sugar integration. Name of the plugin is RT SugarVoice. You can visit the RT SugarVoice page in order to get more details about the plugin and get in touch with us for this seamless integration.