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Sugar Q2 2020 Release

Sugar is one of the most widely used Customer Relationship Management platforms out there. The reason for its popularity is the constant attention paid to the user experience and the way information is organized in the CRM. Ultimately, this attention to detail allows users of Sugar CRM to conduct successful business operations and ensure customer satisfaction.

One way to ensure that Sugar CRM stays on top of all this is via the quarterly updates system. Every year, Sugar rolls out new features and improvements to the already existing platforms in the form of four quarterly updates. For each cycle, the latest version of Sugar consists of the features of the previous ones. 

The Sugar Q2 2020 or Sugar 10, is the first release to follow the new naming convention, where the release is not called ‘Spring 2020’ to cater more easily to people around the world. The new release is available for all Sugar cloud customers, be they using Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, Sugar Enterprise, or Sugar Professional.

So what new features does this Sugar Q2 2020 release have? And how does that make the platform easy to navigate for its users? Let’s find out!

Tile View For Easier Navigation

Universally, tile views make information much easier to register and display more records. The Sugar Q2 release includes the tile or grid view for displaying the leads, opportunities, cases, and tasks modules. This visually appealing view makes sure that users are given enough information by just looking at the tiles and not having to find cumbersome details from a large amount of data. 

The Tile View is also equipped with a drag-and-drop feature that allows actions such as the conversion of leads. On top of that, sticky filters let users apply filters on a tile view module and have it applied to the list view module automatically. The tile view can also include custom fields that can be added in the ‘Tile Options Header’ and the  ‘Tile Options Body’. Field Validation rules on records are also enforced when moving tiles from one column to another.

More Dashboards and Dashlets

Unlike the older version of Sugar where only 20 dashboards could be created, Sugar 10 has the capacity to create 50 dashboards. Additionally, custom filters applied to the list view of dashlets are shareable with all members who have access. The Sugar Q2 2020 has three types of dashlets available:

Record View Dashlet

This dashlet displays different records related to the one currently being viewed by the user in the form of a tabbed view. This dashlet is available on all Sidecar modules except Quotes, Calls, Meetings, Opportunities, Revenue Line Items, Emails, and Forecasts in Sugar Enterprise.

Interactions Dashlet

Interactions dashlet shows a list of calls, emails, meetings, and notes for a particular record when that record is being viewed. This allows all the important contacts related to a particular lead to be consolidated in one place and makes data easily available.

Comment Log Dashlet

Again available for record view, this dashlet displays the comment log of a record where users can add their own comments too. This dashlet is instrumental in ensuring that the vendors and clients are on the same page when it comes to business and that the customer needs are delivered just as required. 

Enhanced Record View 

In the record view, Sugar 10 offers its users two alternative ways to display records according to the user’s preference. The field name placement can be configured to be displayed either beside their respective field values or above them. With the values displayed beside the field name, the view becomes a lot more compact and allows more information to be displayed without the need to scroll for more.  

The record view is further made more compact by representing all empty fields in the record view by a single empty field pill, instead of a field name and a respective blank value. This is also meant to compact more data in a single view and prevent the need for users to scroll down for more information. Additionally, any truncated record view can be viewed in full by hovering the cursor over it. Sugar’s Q2 2020 release also allows users to edit any record field when previewing the record from a related-records sub-panel, making way for easy editing.

Product Catalog Made Available

Before the Q2 2020 release, the Product Catalog, Product Category, Product Types, and Manufacturers modules were not available for view to any users apart from the admin. With the release, however, these fields are globally visible to all users. At the same time, administrators can restrict viewing privileges for users depending on their roles within the organization.

Introducing Microsoft Edge Support

The Q2 2020 version of Sugar supports Microsoft Edge. As a result, any users who prefer to use Microsoft Technologies can now use Sugar on the Edge Browser. The Microsoft Edge versions 80 and 81 are supported by Sugar 10.0.0 and 10.0.1 respectively. This increases the ease of availability for users who could have their own limitations when it comes to web browsers. 

Other Features And Enhancements 

Several other aspects of the Sugar Platform have been revamped in the Q2 2020 release. Some of these features include:

  • Vendors are allowed to export reports that target the Users module
  • The list view in email can be filtered based on the From, To, Cc, Bcc, and Direction fields
  • Upon lead conversion, users can add revenue line items to a new opportunity
  • Negative amounts can be assigned to the Likely field so as to be used for price adjustments
  • Help links can be added to the portal user menu, with the links from the portal user documentation
  • In the comment log, URLs can be used to visit other websites, users can be tagged and receive notifications upon being tagged, and users can also insert a link to Sugar records

Update Sugar Today!

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