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Benefits of CRM for Higher Education Institutions 2

More and more higher education institutions (HEIs) are now adopting Customer Relationship Management systems to attract, retain and serve their students. Viewing students as customers and implementing a CRM for education management can help an institute gain an edge in a highly competitive higher education marketplace. 

Surprisingly, many Higher Education Institutions still do not use CRM software because they lack adequate knowledge about such systems.

CRM is an amazingly powerful tool that, if properly leveraged, can provide valuable insights about your customers. CRM for higher education institutions allows you to develop stronger and more personal relationships not just with prospective and current students but also with the alumni.

For your better understanding, we have compiled a list of some of the benefits of CRM for Higher Education Institutions that empower you to stay one step ahead of your competitors. So, let’s get started and see why Education CRM is the best institute management software. 

Manage Admissions

CRM for the education industry lets you manage the complete student admissions lifecycle from one single platform so you can easily keep track of student details such as :

  • The course and program the student is admitted to.
  • The complete details of the student’s batch & roll no.
  • Academic documents.
  • Other tasks that are required in completing the admission process. 

CRM in higher education lets you streamline your admissions operations by identifying and recruiting the best candidates, engaging them more successfully and improving enrollment results. Being able to perform all these activities seamlessly, Education CRM turns out to be the best student management software.

Track Potential Leads

Students nowadays rely on digital media channels to gather information about their dream universities. As a result, CRM software for educational organizations is gaining traction.  

CRM systems come with integrated tracking tools that let you track leads through multiple engagement programs including print, email, and invitations to both online and physical events and evaluate their feasibility. 

Therefore, CRM customized for the education industry enables institutions to track which websites a certain student used to find their institution. This allows for smarter marketing budget planning and allocating resources to the most effective marketing campaigns.

Handle Student Inquiries

Deliver high-quality service by making follow-ups for every inquiry. Keep a record of every interaction with the student during the counseling process with a CRM system for higher education. 

Maintain the follow-up and enhance the communication process between your academic institution and the student. All this can be done smoothly through the best CRM software for schools.  

Streamline Teacher Evaluations

CRM software for educational organizations helps to eliminate paper processes and increase consistency and efficiency for the teacher certification and other career-related processes. Streamline tasks with the best CRM for education so that you can devote resources to finding and placing the best and brightest teachers.

Monitor Fee Payments and Reminders

Every educational institute needs an efficacious fee management tool to run their finance operations smoothly. Automate the fee payment process through the best school administration software to avoid discrepancies and human errors for hassle-free operation.

Build Long-Lasting Alumni Relations

Alumni can help students define their career goals and provide key networking contacts to assist in the transition from graduation to employment. They can also aid in raising funds. 

CRM software for educational organizations equip you with the tools that your institution needs to manage personal connections and networks within the alumni community. You can gain useful insights about your donors with Marketing Automation and build long-lasting relationships.

Enrich Student Life Cycle Management

Student Lifecycle Management or SLM begins with enrollment. Once a student gets enrolled, then comes the retention phase which revolves around monitoring student progress. The last step is when a student graduates and becomes an alumnus. 

With the best institute management software, take advantage of this opportunity to reach out and engage with them across all touchpoints in the student experience. Enrich their interactions by establishing personalized communication channels that provide measurable results back to you so that you can make informed decisions.

MIS Reports

Generate real-time reports related to students, teachers, and the staff and assess the performance of your organization with CRM for higher education institutes. 

Being the best institute management software, it will give you actionable insights for seamless management of tasks and have a 360-degree view of your institute. 

Get a FREE Business Analysis if you are operating in the higher education sector and thinking of adopting CRM software for your institute.

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