Here’s How SugarCRM Could Benefit the Hotel Industry

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Customer management and customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to any business that intends to grow. However, that’s not the case in the hotel industry. For them, it’s of paramount importance just to exist. The hotel industry relies entirely on their customers being happy. Failure to meet that is a no-go and could be catastrophic. Since the survival of the hospitality industry rests solely on its customers, so should its need for a CRM. Here’s how a customized SugarCRM for Hotel Industry can streamline and optimize client relationships in the hospitality industry.

Database Consolidation

Imagine you have a hotel at a vacation spot. The customers coming in are from different countries and places, and your employees have their own software preferences for keeping records. This means that data is scattered and there’s absolutely no way you could crawl your way through it if the need arises, unless of course, you’re Joe from the basement who sits all day looking at records.

Assuming you’re not Joe, this is where SugarCRM can help you. With SugarCRM, you can consolidate all your data in one place, making access easier. Not only that, with SugarCRM 8 you get actionable drill through charts that are visually appealing and easier to interpret. This centralized data put email addresses, websites and social media accounts all in one place, making sure you’re never caught off guard.

Reservation Management

With the help of SugarCRM Integration, you can connect your Sugar instance with a host of different booking platforms to ensure all your reservations are in one place. This helps you maintain your logs and update your customer database all in one place. Integrating the reservation management system with customers’ social media accounts can help you identify perks for loyalty programs that resonate better with the customers.

Employee Management

With SugarCRM, you can customize your CRM to show you different employee-related activities i.e. Schedule Overviews, Payment Tracking, Report Tracking, and Task Allocation. All these help automate processes that are otherwise hard to manage and interpret. This results in equal work allocation and streamlined workflows, reducing dissatisfaction among employees. Obviously, every organization has different needs and demands, and that can be covered easily by SugarCRM Custom Fields.

Customer Retention

There’s an old quote that says that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquiring a new one. With SugarCRM, you can keep all your customer records in one place, giving you an insight into the “Customer Journey”. This helps you identify a customer’s level of satisfaction, the number of purchases, and recent activities. For example, with customer relationship management for restaurants, you can identify customers that haven’t purchased from you recently or those that have. You can then create offers to retain/reward such customers.

Key Takeaway

sugarcrm for hotel industry

Judging by the look of it, with SugarCRM, you can sweep the floor when it comes to customer management and satisfaction. It keeps insights right where you need them and merges all relevant information from various departments in one place. However, if this doesn’t cover all the needs of your organization, our SugarCRM Certified Developers are one click away. They can help you understand your exact needs and provide you optimal solutions.

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