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salesforce for telecomm industry

The telecommunications industry finds itself in a very ironic situation with a problem many would think is a good one to have. A growing customer database may be a gold-mine in business terms but poses a fair challenge on its own. According to the Newsroom, there are 5.3 billion unique telecom subscribers in the world. That is a lot of data, and with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science becoming more and more of a mainstay in business circles, this is important data.

But how do you sort this data is the question. How do you categorize it to tell you what you want to know? How do you pinpoint that one customer that isn’t happy with the service? How do you bring proactivity to your support team? There is one answer to all of those questions: Salesforce!

Salesforce is a market leader in CRM software and a perfect fit for an evolving telecommunications industry. Besides the standard Contacts, Activity and Account features it also helps manage and control customer turnover. Its extensive industry-specific features ensure quick identification of relevant data from different sectors of the organization i.e. Sales, Support, Marketing. This data is consolidated to find a deeper understanding of customer behaviors and habits, not to mention avoiding repetition and churn.

Let’s look at what makes Salesforce perfect for the Telecommunication Industry.

CRM for Telecommunication IndustryDatabase Management

Find detailed information on all customers from various functional mediums. This is particularly helpful in dealing with a client in a number of ways; support team can handle the customer better when they know the customer’s history and past experience with the organization. The marketing team can target profitable customers for certain campaigns to increase ROI. The sales team can focus their attention on customers that have a track-record of conversion to boost sales. Uniformity of data ensures that information is never lost and the customer always feels at home, no matter how many layoffs or recruitment you make on your end.

Salesforce for the telecommunication industry

Effective Customer Interactions

They say every contact with a customer influences whether or not that customer will return in the future. Customer interactions are extremely important to the success of a business and Salesforce understands that better than anyone. Salesforce gives you a complete view of your customer that helps create personalized offers and campaigns based on the customer’s behavior, habits, and history. It also uses the data you have to keep existing customers up to date on new offers and promotions, all of which goes a long way in ensuring that every customer gets a personalized experience. Customers want to feel like they are the alpha and not just a part of the herd.

You can take your customer interactions one step further with a social media integration that lets you monitor your customer’s social media habits. Customers on social media are very expressive, and analyzing their online habits can lead you to that elusive pot full of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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Follow Up and Tracking

Understanding which customer is at what stage of the pipeline can be an arduous task, and with customers running in the number of millions, this task becomes next to impossible. Salesforce, however, presents a simple solution with a branch of its data consolidation feature. The detailed data also includes real-time updates on the customer’s current status with the organization. You can filter the customers that are, let’s say, regular customers from those that are new. You can also filter those that recently made a purchase and send out an automated follow-up response. You can track their social media behaviors to interpret their level of satisfaction with respect to your product, a little far-fetched but there’s room for improvement and development.

Proactivity (Predict Trends)

Data mining is not something new to CRM platforms. The extensive data presents an excellent opportunity for mining behaviors that can be used to analyze trends and predict the market direction. Innovation is the cornerstone of success in the telecommunication industry due to minimal differences in the level of services provided. Salesforce takes data mining one step further with its predictive analytics that helps you make educated guesses about the trends of the market. With the help of Salesforce, you can interpret your customers’ collective behavior and habits to set yourself for the future.

Our Two Bits!

Salesforce gives you a 360-degree look at your customers with a layered manual of their habits and behavior that set you up perfectly to target them with your products. The telecommunication industry has one of the biggest customer bases among industry verticals and can use Salesforce to get their customer’s worth in gold.

Rolustech is an Official Salesforce Partner. Contact our team of experts if you want consultancy regarding Salesforce or any Integration with Salesforce. We would be glad to assist you!