4 Remarkable Benefits of Social CRM for Your Business

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(Updated on July 2021)

[Social CRM allows you to win more business, coordinate efficiently among departments, bridge the gap between the present and the future, and proactively serve your customers. SugarCRM is one of the best social CRMs which can aid you in building your business to greater magnitudes.] 


As of January 2017, more than 2 billion people are using social media platforms and this figure is only going to increase with the passage of time. Even individuals who are shy of speaking in the public and sharing information openly have an online presence.

With people connected to the internet at all times, it has become somewhat difficult to meet the rising expectations of today’s digitally empowered customers.

Consequently, it only makes sense to have a social CRM software to get insightful data about customers. The opportunities that social media has unleashed for marketers are tremendous and it is now up to them to capitalize on those opportunities or else they’ll be left behind in the race.

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1. Win More Business

With Social CRM, you can get detailed insights about your customers regarding their demographics, tastes, preferences, buying behavior, etc. This will help accelerate the sales process by allowing you to identify the leads that have the highest probability of being converted into deals.

It can also aid the marketing team in exploring new market segments and design personalized highly targeted marketing campaigns and promotional offers on different social media platforms. 

This will result in enhanced productivity, optimal allocation of the company’s resources, and bring the desired ROI. If you are currently using any other CRM for your business, you can also do social media integration like integrating social platforms like Twitter and Facebook with your CRM with the help of plugins and consequently enhance your CRM functionality.

2.  Better Coordination Among the Departments

Due to the inter-dependency among various departments, the key to success in any organization is effective communication to ensure that work gets done on time.

With a Social CRM implementation, every single team, be it marketing, sales or customer support, can now stay up to date with customers’ activities through access to real-time data related to each customer’s profile. Every department will know what the status of each customer is and will, therefore, be able to act accordingly.

3. Bridge the Gap Between the Present & the Future

Track what customers have to say about your company’s product and if they would like to have any changes made to it. Customers today, with their access to vast amounts of data, know what kind of product they would like to buy in the future and that is reflected in their online activity.

Social CRM tools will give you the ability to look into the future and develop products that customers wouldn’t expect to be in the market anytime soon.

4. Proactively Serve Your Customers

A positive word of mouth can do wonders for your business whereas a single negative comment can do more damage than one can imagine. Social Customer Relationship Management software will give your customer support team data about customers’ feelings and sentiments in real-time which will also help you in serving and providing customer service in a more personalized manner. 

Now it is up to to you to use that feedback to make strategic adjustments and take the necessary action that enriches the customer experience. 

Bottom Line:

Benefits of Social CRM

Social CRM has had a profound impact on the business landscape. Businesses need to invest in the best Social CRM system in order to stay competitive as it provides unmoderated and uncensored data that cannot be obtained elsewhere.

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