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The present era is marked neither as AD nor as BC; it is proclaimed as “The Social Era”. The era which refers to the period of interaction, where means of interaction have exploded drastically, and interaction has gained momentum. It is the era that has moved beyond communication barriers and has connected people all over the world. This social era entails many communication networks that are diminishing distances to contribute their share in making this world a global village. These social channels are blessings on one face of the coin and a hazard on the other. So it is important to handle them with utmost interest and care. Using these social channels companies can market their products or services at minimum possible cost. On the other hand, a disgruntled customer can ruin your image through the same channel. You like it or not, your business needs this social presence.

Today, hundreds of social platforms are being used by users all around the world. To name a few, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most used social networks these days. Exceeding 1 billion registered accounts, as of March 2015, Facebook secures the first rank in the list of the most popular social network worldwide. LinkedIn stands in the seventh position with more than 347 million active users and Twitter is the twelfth most used social web with over 288 million users. These stats and the social media influence restructure the CRM software, obligating it to be efficient to cater to multiple things all at one time.

The emergence of social networks and the advent of a social era together called for a technology that could embrace and entertain all customer voices rising on social platforms. The technology that could reach this vast yet accessible social network to get close to the targeted audience. This demand resulted in the amendments brought about in CRM software. Various tools were invented and integrated into the CRM systems that had the ability to connect to these networks without leaving the CRM interface. SugarCRM is a trendy software and a great example of Social CRM. It caters to the social networks while being efficient in providing CRM services to expand and explore innumerable opportunities.  SugarCRM, in the social era, was restructured to cater to a number of significant tasks and even went mobile application to fully cater to the digital age. The list includes:

Publishing Contents on Social forums

Today, SugarCRM is being used worldwide for marketing activities. Social publishing integration with this software can be of help. It assists you in disseminating the product or service related information to a large audience across the social platforms.  Social publishing helps promote new products while supporting the eye-catching organization of profile pages to organize promotions.

Monitoring interaction

The influence of social media has empowered customers. They can not only establish your brand identity but also have the ability to demolish it. This makes monitoring a most demanding job which can conveniently be done using SugarCRM and social platforms integration. The software can be customized to monitor social media for your brand mentions.

Auto-Respond to customer’s voice

Make your SugarCRM the master of all trades with auto-respond integration. Nowadays, it is important to respond timely to each and every voice raised by your customers. To stay active and vigilant, SugarCRM proposes customizations that can integrate many valuable tools with this software. Through these integrations, you can enable integrated response libraries, hot-key phrase inserts and dynamically defined message templates in your SugarCRM. All this contributes to expediting the correct response to your customers’ voices.

Social Analytics

To cater to the prerequisite of marketing your product or service, SugarCRM allows introducing a social analytics tool within the software. For example, with Facebook and CRM integration, you can leverage social analytics to streamline your Facebook activity and run effective campaigns. The social analytics helps you identify market characteristics such as competitive insight or for general market research. Social analytics can also serve to identify influencers and gauge the success of marketing campaigns. Integration of social analytics in SugarCRM helps you reach right people in time.

Compilation of Target list

The concept of mass marketing has vanished. It is time to target the right audience. Bridging the gap, SugarCRM lets you compile your target list based on any of the criteria say territory, psychography, Sociography, etc.  so that you send your message to the concerned group only and generate positive results. Moreover, you can also leverage Sugar Connector for LinkedIn Sales Navigator for better lead management.

The continuous evolution and growth of the “social” era demand the adaptive use of CRM software, that is socially intelligent. With all the above-mentioned features, Social CRM plays a significant role in this social era.

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