How Salesforce and WhatsApp partnership will transform people and businesses engagement globally

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Mark Zuckerberg, the founder Meta has just announced a strategic partnership of WhatsApp with Salesforce. The idea of this partnership is to improve the communication between organizations and their customers through WhatsApp’s business platform API by integrating the platform with Salesforce Customer 360. Salesforce customers will have access to all the features and perks of WhatsApp Cloud API, where businesses will be able to deliver exceptional customer experiences. They will be able to manage these interactions with customers across Salesforce Customer 360.

The integration of WhatsApp Business with Salesforce Customer 360 will bring a lot of new opportunities for organizations; enabling them to deliver enhanced messaging experiences to their existing as well as potential customers.

In today’s digitalized world, most people prefer communicating through messages and that too directly from their smartphones. Salesforce WhatsApp’s integration will play a big role in boosting customer experiences around the world; where customers will now be able to easily reach out to businesses through text instead of having to wait for replies to emails or calls. This will result in richer conversations, swift respond times as well as consistency in communications. Enhanced consumer experiences will lead to more satisfied customers; as going beyond the normal to interact with consumers will make them feel valued.
This partnership will be extremely beneficial for Sales and Marketing teams as well; allowing them to create and deliver more personalized marketing and sales campaigns. Businesses can reach their customers directly through WhatsApp; which will enable them to market and sell their products and services directly.

How will the WhatsApp – Salesforce partnership benefit customers?

This partnership will transform the way consumers engage with businesses and will have a positive impact on the customer service offered by companies. Customers will have the advantage of reaching out to organizations directly through WhatsApp; which can have a great impact on businesses’ bounce rates. Being able to reach out directly means they can have instant conversations with organizations regarding their queries; instead of having to open the company website and find a way of contacting the business. This accessibility will have a great impact on the overall customer experience.

WhatsApp Business: An enhanced experience

WhatsApp Business, being one of the most popular messaging applications worldwide, can add great value to your business in multiple ways. With WhatsApp’s and Salesforce’s partnership, users will have access to real-time data and consumer insights. Users will also have access to Salesforce’s newly introduced real-time data platform, Salesforce Genie, which is built to deliver more personalized customer experiences with its ability of ingesting and storing real time data streaming at huge scales. Businesses can personalize communications with the help of these insights; helping them build stronger relationships with clients eventually leading to customer loyalty. As businesses can manage their conversations on WhatsApp through Salesforce; these insights can also be of great help to marketing teams as they can strategize their campaigns based on insights gathered about their target audience; resulting in more conversions.

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Benefits of integrating WhatsApp Business with Salesforce

One of the main and most obvious perks of using WhatsApp is that the platform is completely free to use. Businesses and customers can interact with each other from any corner of the world and not pay a single penny. There are no barriers to use WhatsApp, it is easily accessible from mobile and desktop both; and super convenient to use. Hence, WhatsApp’s partnership with Salesforce can be of great help for businesses in answering queries related to products and services. With WhatsApp’s automated replying feature, customer queries can be addressed instantly hence improving your customer service process. The automated product catalog feature is another key feature that can really help businesses save the time they spend to identify leads and reply to each email individually explaining each and every service and product they offer multiple times. On WhatsApp, users can type messages of up to 1000 words on WhatsApp, which is a great alternative to email.

This exciting partnership will not only help businesses boost customer experiences but also help them drive more sales. Businesses can target their desired customers directly from WhatsApp chat while delivering exceptional marketing campaigns using insights gathered from Salesforce Customer 360. This whole personalized experience is more likely to lead to a higher conversion rate; resulting in higher revenues.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp and Salesforce’s partnership is indeed a big news which is going to transform the way businesses and people engage globally. All businesses strive to grow and generate maximize revenues where your customer service plays a key role in the success of any business. Engaging with businesses and its customers instantly through WhatsApp chats will change the way professional communication happens. For years, people have been using traditional methods of communication i.e. phone calls and emails however this innovation will bring organizations and their clients closer. Businesses can build intimate relationships with their consumers; quick replies will answer their queries faster and enable them to jump to the last touchpoint of the customer journey quicker. However, overall customer expectations will also increase hence maintaining the quality of service will be extremely important for organizations.

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