How to Use Salesforce to Stabilize, Reopen, and Grow your Business

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Salesforce, cloud-based software helps organizations to effectively streamline their sales and marketing operations. Today, Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform in the world. As the economy and workforce continue to evolve, Salesforce products and technology have become increasingly relevant in allowing businesses to grow and prosper in a digital-first world.

Progress Towards the New Normal

The Covid-19 Pandemic has been an unprecedented challenge for individuals and has led to business leaders facing more uncertainty than they have ever faced before. Although even the most competent and capable business leaders are hesitant to make decisions due to the pandemic, decisions have to be made as the world continues to adapt. Despite initial optimism, the old normal prior to Covid may never come back. Therefore businesses must ensure that they are resilient enough to face the new normal of the near future. As countries resurface post-lockdown, the world has drastically changed. The challenge now is not only how to get employees back to work safely but how to re-skill staff, optimize resources, ensure efficient communication and generate a rapid response plan in the event that another pandemic initiates.

Salesforce has developed a guide for business leaders helping them navigate through these uncertain times. After consultation with a variety of experts, the guide contains a structured approach with three distinct phases that simplify the process of getting your business up and running again. These phases are:

  1. Stabilizing: Centered around protecting and re-skilling staff to ensure your business is running smoothly to mitigate short term risks.
  2. Re-Opening: Using logistics and communicating effectively to return to the workplace
  3. Growing: Accelerating digital transformation to become more relevant to customer need

How Salesforce Helps Stabilize your Business

Stabilization of your business is a vital part to not only re-opening but also achieving growth. The Stabilization phase will mainly consist of re-skilling staff and mitigating short term risk.

Mitigating Short-Term Risk: The first step in mitigating short term risks would be to establish a stabilization team that can gather the right insights to plan and iterate a response. Secondly, Ensure remote connectivity to streamline workflows and implement training for new processes which will rebuild employee productivity. Lastly, make the process for customers to digitally reach you easier and prioritize outreach based on value to the business.

Re-Skilling: Salesforce provides access to various distinctive avenues through which users can acquire the appropriate knowledge, the most prominent of these Avenues is Trailblazer. The trailblazer platform and community provides its users with an online platform that enables them to connect from anywhere in the world, and are given the opportunity to share their knowledge, learn from experts and collaborate as they gain new skills and brush up on their old skills. 

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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How Salesforce Implementation Assists Businesses During the Reopening Phase

How organizations manage and implement this reopen will set the tone for how the organization operates and performs in the future. Customer focus is the key to success during the reopening phase. Salesforce implementation creates an ecosystem where all customer data converges, linking areas such as customer service, marketing, sales and account management which provides the user with a holistic understanding of the customer. One of the most beneficial options provided by salesforce is its high degree of adaptability. Salesforce can be implemented in line with your own desire at any moment in time. As a user, you are not obligated to use certain page layouts, workflows or processes. 

Along with its flexibility, the salesforce interface is extremely easy to manage. Relatively smaller businesses with a lack of a great deal of IT knowledge will easily be able to implement changes. The Salesforce ecosystem consists of applications available for purchase through the AppExchange, featuring a plethora of apps capable of supporting a wide range of processes. 

In addition, if applications listed on AppExchange do not meet your needs, you are free to approach other suppliers for alternatives as plenty of suppliers offer standard API links on Salesforce. For example, if Salesforce’s standard Marketing Automation does not meet your needs, there are several marketing automation applications that can be easily implemented such as:

  • Hubspot
  • Act-On
  • Eloqua
  • Marketo 

How to Use Salesforce to Grow your Business

Customer relationships are key to an organization’s growth, therefore, they must be managed as efficiently and effectively as possible. Salesforce implementation will provide both the sales and marketing sectors of an organization with a view of leads and prospects so they can create and target prospects and turn them into customers. New customers are vital to the continued growth of a business, however, customer acquisition costs can be offset through sales to the existing customer base. This is possible as a result of Salesforce allowing you to prioritize and organize leads that are highly likely to convert and close based on prior customer interactions with your organization. 

Implementing Salesforce liberates employees from process-heavy tasks and provides them with more time to connect with prospective customers and strengthen relationships with existing ones. This will not only increase employee productivity but offer better customer service which will play a major role in the growth of your business.

One thing that must be understood is that these tools are not just quick fixes or temporary solutions. In fact they may allow businesses to set their foundation for long term resilience through this difficult time. When dealing with a pandemic similar to the scale of Covid-19 a well-defined strategy that addresses your business’s future is required. Although short term fixes are a part of the process it is essential to implement systems and practices that will serve your business for the foreseeable future.

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