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Companies are now slowly returning to the office environment after a long time of working from home. However, the nature of work has now changed, and there is an emphasis on having flexible workspaces. COVID-19 has shaken things up so much that everyone is mentally ready to work from anywhere at a moment’s notice. SalesforceCRM has complemented this thought process with the release of Salesforce Anywhere, a real-time collaboration tool. As the name suggests, this application is designed to be used from whichever location you may find yourself in. 

Companies that have been adapting to this new environment are the ones who have prospered during the pandemic. You too can become a part of an efficient work-from-home force by leveraging Salesforce Anywhere for your firm. Find a new way to achieve customer success and productivity with technologies focused on remote work in any business environment.

Let us now take a deep dive into what makes Salesforce Anywhere the perfect companion in these times:

Remotely Sell, Service, and Market 

Salesforce Customer 360 was already built with cloud features in mind and can be used from anywhere in the world. Whatever location or device you happen to find yourself with, you can still build relationships with customers. Elements of the cloud, AI, and social are all utilized to deliver to customers across all of sales, service, marketing, and many more. 

Customer 360 is already constantly evolving with new functionality for the very purpose of remote work. They enhanced their call coaching by applying their already established Einstein AI to the mix. It essentially allowed for more learning compared to before with AI-driven insights to have your team learn how to improve. 

Salesforce has also been acquiring new technologies, to enable further industry expertise. The new technologies are what make it possible for Salesforce Anywhere to reimagine the new customer experience. 

Salesforce Customization and Configuration Services

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Remote Collaboration

The act of collaboration is what gives the workforce synergy in order to move forward. The Salesforce Anywhere application can handle real-time chats, notifications, comments, and even video meetings. This is especially useful because third-party networking apps will not have to be used, anywhere with a Salesforce record is enough. 

Salesforce Anywhere allows teams to:

Stay Caught Up

Subscriptions to real-time alerts can be made for any alterations inside of their Salesforce. These changes can be as minor as fields and records or as important as opportunities and accounts. You and your teams will be notified over all of your devices with alerts. Customize Salesforce further to get notified of other functions that may not yet be supported by Salesforce.

Get Context

There will be no need for screen sharing during videoconferences because you can already view the same page alongside participants. Zoom integration is also available out of the box so you can choose the video platform of your choice. You can follow team members to other parts of Salesforce and experience it as if it was side by side. 

Instant Action

Add feedback instantly to any record with easy to use commands, suggested actions are also available via Einstein. 

Remote Work

Salesforce has developed an IT solution by partnering up with Tanium which will give IT teams complete control of employee devices and services on their network. This will give them the ability to deliver employee experience successfully from anywhere. Integrate your Salesforce with other applications to add them to your remote work portfolio.

Remote Data

Greatly expand the data available for analysis by integrating with any source through MuleSoft and Tableau. Give employees the tools to gain insights and make quicker decisions with confidence. This functionality can also be executable from any location remotely, with visualized data ready for sending. 

Remote Skilling

With the digitization of industries, there are constantly new applications being introduced to the workforce. This makes the learning of employees an important but overlooked aspect of the business process. Trailhead, the learning platform by Salesforce now uses Einstein recommendations to tailor to employee career goals or industry in-demand skills.

Trailhead GO is a mobile and desktop application with the intent of being used anywhere. They are also introducing new lessons focused on remote working and the safe reopening of businesses.

Summing Up

Salesforce is still leading the charge in providing applications that can be utilized during the pandemic. Remote work is a huge priority right now for the world because it is still unsure by when we will be back at our offices. With Salesforce Anywhere, you can coordinate with your coworkers as if they are nearby.

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