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Good customer support is what keeps customer retention high, so structuring the best possible support system is essential. There are also multiple channels of support that you may have to deal with, like emails, calls, and many more. It’s best to have a system that can deal with all channels simultaneously, and preferably taking place on one interface. This year, on October 14th, SugarCRM released a product that caters to this very specific need, that product is SugarLive. Sugarlive applies artificial intelligence to customer support so you can automate and deal with your different channels.

Using this omnichannel and artificial intelligence-powered tool is quite simple. You just need to input your Amazon Connect credentials, then its contact center capabilities merge with SugarCRM. Think of it as a SugarCRM integration, but instead of integrating you just need to have a Sugar Serve license. 

SugarLive can really add value to your customer support team and give them more agency. Let’s go through some ways they can leverage the added features:

The Benefits of SugarLive

Artificial Intelligence

The machine learning from Amazon also applies here and helps you create a more proactive approach to customer service. Combining this AI capability with advanced workflows models of SugarBPM, will not only satisfy the customer but also the support team. This will let you view contextual information according to the customer you are speaking to. The intelligence present is credible as it is from Amazon’s machine learning engine.

Connection Building

Your customers will always be communicated with efficiently due to the omnichannel features present. Whether they prefer emails or calls, you can always be sure to maintain contact with them using just one interface. You can focus on building relationships with your customers instead of browsing through different channels to find the correspondence. 

The communication panel on the left of the interface is the entire chatlog, whilst the right is the detail panel. Using these two in unison is simple and intuitive. Depending on who is present in the communication panel, the detail panel will change according to the context. The panel also has tabs for contact info, case info, and built-in search functionality. Increase customer retention by utilizing the omnichannel and its many benefits to customer support. 

Superior Case Routing

A superior case routing system means that for the right query or call, the appropriate agent is always contacted first. Routing will be based on both skill and availability so that the support can be valuable for your business. Hence, your customers will not be frustrated by the inability of an agent as they will be the best available. This function combines with the routing present in Service Console and Amazon Connect. 

All the functionality under the Sugar Serve platform will enable you to maximize the customer service within SugarCRM.

Instant Gratification

The change takes place almost immediately and it comes with built-in Amazon Connect cloud communications. You will not be waiting weeks for it to be set up as it is a part of the total package within Sugar Serve. There are no hidden costs associated with this, you will be receiving everything that comes with just a single license. This is the most cost-effective omnichannel solution out there and comes with artificial intelligence out of the box.

Summing Up

When you start using SugarLive, your customer support agents instantly get more productivity out of it. Artificial Intelligence will enable them to receive the right information at the right time, and hence make the right decisions. The benefits present will also immediately give your business a higher return on investment when it comes to customer support. 

Get SugarLive today to see immediate results for your business! 

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