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For too long have we been ignoring the fact that the climate is indeed changing. If we continue at our current rate, the worst-case scenario is the change becoming irreversible. Salesforce is working on solving this problem, by driving climate action from within the Salesforce Cloud itself. It is a shame that before this our carbon accounting was still being done in inefficient ways, given the importance. Introducing the Salesforce Sustainability Cloud, a new way to account for the carbon emissions produced by your company. Let’s quickly go over what makes the Sustainability Cloud so great.

Reduce Emissions with a Trusted Platform

This will already build on top of your current Salesforce platform. Don’t have a Salesforce platform? You should consider migrating to one.

Therefore, because it is all on one platform, the process of quantifying your carbon footprint becomes an efficient one. Your existing data and bills will be used to calculate your emissions and how to best control them. Salesforce makes it possible to easily for a climate action plan with all things considered, and on a secure platform.

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Actionable Insights

The results that Salesforce shows you on how to drive climate action are presented in an easy to understand fashion. Your customers, employees, and even potential investors can see your commitment to sustainable business practices. You can also please regulatory agencies with a clearer picture of your energy usage patterns. Salesforce allows you to take action on your data, you can make predictions on what is the main culprit of consumption. With Einstein already built into its core, you can use cutting edge analytics to track carbon emissions and take action. 

Timely Carbon Accounting

To account for all the carbon emissions and conducting the analysis can be extremely time-consuming. The weight of the task even makes it even harder for companies that do want to participate properly. Datasets are available from the US, EPA, and IPCC in order to accurately assess your carbon account. The data will come preloaded into the Sustainability Cloud. If you find that you have some carbon data missing from certain dates, you can simply upload bills from that date to calculate emissions. You can keep trend data going this way, and find the main sources in your organization.

This will streamline your climate action plan and data collection, with included guides and user flows. Drastically reduce the time needed with Salesforce Sustainability Cloud.

Executive Ready Dashboard 

The quality of data never matters if you are not able to present it properly. Sustainability Cloud comes with rich dashboards loaded with visual aids to help see the impact the business is having on the environment. Track everything from energy usage patterns to the trend of overall emissions. You can leverage this to present a case to the executives and stakeholders. As an organization, once you have quantified your carbon footprint, only then can you drive climate action.

Summing Up

Salesforce has found a way to let carbon accounting become a part of the current Salesforce ecosystem. Completely reduce the time you would have to take to account for carbon emissions from months to mere weeks. If you have not been conscious of the number of greenhouse gases produced, the Sustainability Cloud is the perfect place to start.

Salesforce is already known for great automation, making it more environmentally friendly was just the next step.

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