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The Service Console is arguably one of the most useful features of Sugar Serve. This will replace the generally clunky support tools that are present for customer service agents. Sugar will instead provide a unique and intuitive dashboard that will display necessary information and customer support tools. The result? A better overall response time for your customers, which means an overall superior customer experience. Empower your customer service agents with the easy to use Service Console by SugarCRM, and keep your customer in focus. 

Benefits of Service Console

Build Better Customer Relationships

Cover all customer touchpoints with the Service Console and solve their most difficult issues with ease. From your dashboards, you can keep a better check of the status of complaints and their progress to completion. Your SugarCRM will already track customer relationships. Combining it with Service Console will allow you to better leverage retaining those customers who currently need help. 

Solve Issues Efficiently

Compared to conventional support tools, Service Console will do the same and more, and with a more streamlined user interface. SugarCRM designed the interface with support agents in mind who can instinctively respond to the various elements. In doing so they will quickly become adept at using the Service Console to respond to customer needs. This will result in an increase in efficiency for the support team, so handling increasing customers in a shorter time. Hence, using Service Console will also give you a substantial return on investment, because of its performance and time management. 

Increase Productivity

Ready-made reports and templates are ready for immediate use, which will allow you to quickly make an impact on customers. Customer support agents will now achieve a higher level of productivity with all the tools at their disposal. This is a difference that you can quantify with the analytics within SugarCRM. 

Form a Complete Picture

Service Console will support multiple channels, this will make it an easier way to navigate inbound support needs. With the case management tile, support agents can easily infer from a glance exactly what customer issues are needed to act on. You can check the current status of cases, workloads of support agents, and other metrics at any time to gain valuable insights.

Service Level Agreement Features

For the most complex of service level agreements(SLAs), along with the management of multi-region business centers. Now SugarCRM will automatically assign priority to specific case queues via SLA management. This is to ensure customers receive exactly what they need according to the time frame of their SLAs.

Allocation of Cases

Have the appropriate agents handle cases of specific customers through refined routing. This is all easy to set up with the provided templates by Sugar Serve. Any agent routing is now made simple to handle because it is powered by SugarBPM.

Summing Up

Service Console is a customer support team’s dream. The features provided with this Sugar Serve feature are catered to that specific skill set, coupled with a user interface that is easy to pick up. All the necessary tools are provided in order to keep the focus on the customer and to make sure they cannot be neglected. 

Get Service Console now to give your agents the flexibility and speed they need to tackle any complex support issue.

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