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So many organizations today use all types of CRMs, with a vast majority of them using Salesforce to drive their business forward. As time goes on more and more of these companies will be shifting permanently to the cloud. This means sensitive, confidential information will also be stored there, raising concerns for the privacy and security of the organization. 

SalesforceCRM already has a solution prepared to tackle this situation in the form of Salesforce Shield. Salesforce Shield Encryption makes it possible to defend your CRM from any vulnerabilities that may be present. It is a collection of 3 main services that allow your business to meet your security and compliance requirements. Let’s now go through a breakdown of what these services are capable of and how they can benefit your business.

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

Native Platform Encryption

You must have heard how your WhatsApp conversations now have “end-to-end encryption”? This is the exact same concept but within your Salesforce CRM. Data present in the cloud can contain personally identifiable information (or PII). These PIIs can put individuals at risk and can lead to many legal complications. Therefore, it’s preferred to be on the safe side and have the entirety of the platform encrypted. Core features will always be available during all of this, like workflow, search, and validation rules. Protect your sensitive data from unauthorized users by setting your own encrypted data permissions and control over encryption keys.

Use the power of Salesforce Shield to encrypt your sensitive data and defend your CRM from threats.

Detailed Data and Event Monitoring

With Event Monitoring, a component of Salesforce Shield, you gain access to detailed performance and security data. This will allow you to see who is accessing critical business data, and from where. Gauge performance this way by understanding user adoption rates, and use this to troubleshoot your Salesforce apps. With the knowledge you’ll gain from the insights, you can make more flexible security policies. This will give the IT department the ability to prevent data damage and identify suspicious activity in real-time. Event Monitoring data can be imported into most data visualization platforms, like Salesforce Einstein

Have your IT department function like a cybersecurity firm with Salesforce Shield.

Field Audit Trail

Field Audit Trail makes maintaining an audit trail much easier than it sounds. For IT governance, tracking the trail is a fundamental part of the strategy, but maintaining it can be resource-intensive. Part of Salesforce Shield, this will automate most of the audit process whilst giving you a forensic level view of the data. The retention of the data will be of 10 years, which should be more than enough for most organizations. By using this service you can see how your business along with the data has evolved over time. 

Who is this for?

Having an especially secure lock on private data is useful for a variety of reasons. It also largely depends on which aspect of Salesforce Shield they need especially for their business processes.

Having a secure encrypted platform can benefit a host of different industries. Financial services can use it to make sure that customer details are kept private. Details like credit card history, information regarding wealth, and other personal information tied to the individual. Healthcare also takes advantage by having their medical records kept private until made necessary by patients or the law. In general, any industry that needs to keep client information, intellectual properties, or other trade secrets private can leverage this to their advantage.

Industries that are highly regulated like power generation and healthcare will find good use of Field Audit Trail. They can rest easy knowing the past 10 years of their audit trail is safe and secure within Salesforce Shield. Moreover, data integrity is kept as it is viewed over a period of time from which trends can be identified.

Stay Safe and Secure with Salesforce Shield

Using a CRM is an essential part of conducting your business. Using Salesforce Shield to keep that very CRM secure is hence a no brainer. Data is a precious commodity, and organizations should do their best in protecting what’s important. In this day and age, data leaks can cause an uproar and may make or break your business. In other words, keep what is yours safe with a trusted service provider like Salesforce. 

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