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COVID-19 has shaken up the landscape of sales, forcing B2B buying and selling to be reduced to a measly state. Now, everywhere you will see organizations shifting to a more virtual model of buying and selling because no one wants to miss out on any opportunities. Every organization has had to reassess how they will now perform in the current climate. Most of them have taken heavy blows and are finding it harder to adjust each day.

This is why SalesforceCRM has taken measures to make sure that it is not a problem anymore. This year they have announced new technologies that can turn any sales rep into a virtual seller. An example of adapting to the times at its finest, Salesforce is once again proving why it is the leading CRM platform. The best part is, all of this will be made available soon through the already established Sales Cloud, in the form of the Enhanced Virtual Selling Suite by Salesforce.

Let’s take a closer look at how to make remote selling more robust with their new features.

Salesforce Meetings

Salesforce is shaking up meetings to make them more empowering for the sales team, for example, they will have a 360-degree view of all the attendees in one place. This view includes information such as attendee bios, customer history, and open service cases if there are any. During the meeting, the presenter is shown all with their presentation, this brings more focus on the task at hand and can offer a more engaging experience. During the meeting, notes can be logged for later use. 

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

Einstein Video Call Coaching

Salesforce Einstein has now made its way onto video meetings. What was once just applied to Einstein Call Coaching can now be applied to your video calls. That is to say, the AI will now extract insights from the video call itself to exactly gauge what the performance of the meeting was and what could be better. The insights will be based on the needs of the customer versus how the seller handled them. The idea here is to find the best way to personalize coaching so that your sales team can increase their skill. This is all to make the shift to virtual selling easier and using the knowledge gained to formulate new strategies for teams.

Enhanced High Velocity Sales

High Velocity Sales was a component of the overall Sales Cloud and has seen numerous improvements. Instead of just prospects like before, it has undergone automation to provide appropriate action across the entire sales cycle for both accounts and opportunities. You can view Enhanced High Velocity Sales as a scaled-up version of virtual selling. As a plus, it now also gives you support for all types of sellers. The last addition is Sales Cadences, which provide them with a template for outreach across multiple channels. This all ensures productivity for a remote sales team, even when they are currently not altogether in the same location.

Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit

The focus of the Salesforce Maps Field Safety Kit is the well-being of the sales team. Your organization will be made more aware of the current state of COVID-19 by mapping out the data on Salesforce. Combine this with the map data already for sales routes already available, and you can visualize which areas are risky and can be tackled in a different way. On their mobiles, the sales team will also be to see their health checklists for before and after client visits. These checklists are fully customizable. 

So take good care of your sales team with this unique tool provided by Salesforce!

Summing up

This is a step in the right direction by Salesforce, especially during such challenging times as these. The innovative revamp of existing features as well as the new additions will not compromise your sales. You can now elevate customer experiences further with newer ways to go about sales and meetings. Reps can better leverage the enhanced view of the customers remotely, and stay safe while doing so.

The Enhanced Virtual Selling Suite by Salesforce is expected to go live in February 2021.

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