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Datorama aims to bring you a single source of truth. Being one of the recent acquisitions by SalesforceCRM. The marketing intelligence platform aims to take a closer look at all the data available to reach conclusions.

Unify your Data with Data Integration Engine

This Marketing Cloud smart solution aims to use 100% of your marketing data. Datorama’s Integration Engine is built on top of a robust collection of APIs that will cover most marketing and advertising technologies. No matter the ecosystem of your firm, it is Datorama’s goal to cover it. You will be able to connect any data source including emails, social platforms, web analytics, you name it. 


Also, a part of the engine is TotalConnect. This is an integration powered by artificial intelligence that fills in the gaps already not covered by the various marketing APIs. With so many tools that provide limited use, there may come a time when the process is slowed due to the absence of any one of those tools. TotalConnect counters this by going past APIs and using AI to provide nearly infinite integration options. It will use machine learning to inspect important files and start mapping data automatically. Updates will also be scheduled to again review the mapping it has done to uncover any problems. 


LiteConnect is an easier way to input any data source onto Datorama. This process does not require any data model mapping and will also provide analysis that even a non-technical team member can understand. Using this Datorama makes the Salesforce Marketing Cloud approachable by others.

Salesforce Industry Solutions Offered by Rolustech

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Insights Engine

Machine learning will now add to your analytics, with a focus on optimized intelligence as well as preparing reports as you proceed. 

Dashboards are created with members of every department in mind, and that includes stakeholders. Templates are also created to best convey information across different teams. Custom dashboards are also easy, using a simple drag and drop method to place the information right where you think is best. Visual options will cover a vast range of support for all types of campaigns, channels, and cross channels. Use this to get your views across. 

Datorama Smartlenses makes creating dashboards even easier by automating them. Using the top marketing data sources and domain expertise of Datorama, it will start data modeling to display the best results for you in an instant. Analytics will be simplified using insight gained from dozens of the top sources like Facebook, Google Adwords, Marketo, etc. This will give you detailed insights into KPIs and campaigns. Combine this with Salesforce Einstein Marketing Insights, and the most crucial of insights along with how your data is affecting performance. With Datorama Advanced Analytics you can perform many statistical models on your data to help predict the performance. This will provide an in-depth understanding of each variable which will help you make better business decisions based on accurate data. 

Activation Engine

Now we’re done visualizing all of your data and its time to act. Real-time automation of your marketing stacks and its workflows occurs using the Datorama Action Center. Your performance will also be tracked in real-time, doing so will give you the ability to improve it immediately and make the right changes. You will receive advice to help achieve your goals. Furthermore, receive results from the Action Center on many devices. The benefits will further increase with Salesforce integration, ultimately leading to a higher ROI for your business.

With all of the real-time processes happening within your data, teamwork becomes even easier with everyone being on the same page.


A very useful feature when it comes to new configurations and data sources. Sandbox is essentially an isolated space where experimenting is key. So test out all of the data for staging and deployments. If something does not seem right you can always redo your actions for the best results. An advantage of this is avoiding live testing where mistakes will be noticeable by everyone and potentially damage credibility. 

Automate Today!

Digital marketing is evolving at a high rate. With the help of a marketing intelligence platform like Datorama, it becomes possible to keep up. Packed with so many tools and real-time tracking, marketing becomes a breeze compared to before. The sheer simplicity of its tools like Liteconnect makes the platform easier to use for everyone.

Being a part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Datorama is an intelligent solution that will make marketing more efficient and understandable. If you want to find out more about how you can benefit from Salesforce or any of its unique features, feel free to get in touch with us here at Rolustech!

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