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SugarCon always manages to exceed the expectations of the SugarCRM community but this year’s SugarCon was bigger, better and more fun than ever.

SugarCon 2017

Every year, SugarCRM holds a conference for their partners, customers, technology experts, and developers. They gather for this 3-day event to network, share news, and hear industry insights. This year’s event was held from September 25-28 at Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, and the theme was of superheroes. More than 1600 heroes participated in this event so you can guess the amount of fun that participants would have had.

Rolustech Was a Silver Sponsor at SugarCon 2017

Like 2016, Rolustech made its presence felt with its superhero powers at SugarCon 2017. Our booth was set up where participants got the opportunity to see live demos of our plugins that have helped businesses transform customer relationships.

Sugarcon 2017
From left to right: Shahrukh Riaz (CTO), Hussain Nasir (CEO), Hammad Hassan (Solutions Architect), John Schuett (VP)

The Dark Knight Arrives at Rolustech’s Booth

Bruce Wayne took out some time from his busy schedule to meet one of the largest Sugar development team in the world. He was interested in a plugin which could help him locate all the evil forces in Gotham.

SugarCon 2017

Costume Party

Tons of Sugar heroes took part in the costume party contest to showcase their superpowers.

SugarCon 2017

Billy Beane – Keynote Speaker at SugarCon 2017

Beane was the inspiration for the best-selling book “Moneyball” and the subsequent Oscar-nominated film of the same name. He’s known as an innovator among MLB executives for leveraging data analytics to disrupt how teams evaluate and manage players. After his MLB playing career, Beane became the general manager of the Oakland Athletics and now serves as the executive vice president of baseball operations. Using a statistical methodology to assemble successful player lineups, he transformed the Athletics into a six-time, division-winning franchise with one of the smallest payrolls in the league.

SugarCon 2017

“We thought it was riskier to not use the data” – Billy Beane on being courageous and changing the game!

App Throwdown Winners

SugarCon 2017

App Throwdown is the most exciting and captivating event at SugarCon every year that provides a platform to SugarCRM developers to showcase their apps built to enhance the functionality of Sugar. Five teams made it to the final round, Rolustech being one of them in the X-Ray vision category. All five teams were required to present their heroics on the main stage in front of the audience who then voted for the final winner, also called the “Ultimate Superpower”.

SugarCon 2017

App Throwdown Final Demo

SugarCon 2017

Using the theme of X-Men, Rolustech presented its plugin RT Salesmap in front of the audience. Just like Professor X uses his Cerebro to locate mutants anywhere in the world, Sugar users can use RT Salesmap to locate all their Leads, Contacts and Accounts in a given area. The dialogues were hilarious and the audience simply loved the skit.

X-Men Having Fun at the Booth

SugarCon 2017

Prof X Backstage

SugarCon 2017


If you couldn’t make it to SugarCon but still desire to meet our superheroes, simply give us a call and we will get in touch!

Rolustech is a SugarCRM Certified Developer & Partner Firm. We have helped more than 700 firms with various SugarCRM integrations and customization. Get in touch today for your FREE Business Analysis. We will be happy to assist you!