SugarConnected 2021 Recapped

Sugarcon 2021 1

In May 2021, the third annual SugarConnected event series took place. For the first time, the event was completely virtual. Anyone could join the event free of cost. Rolustech, a certified Sugar partner, attended the event to gain greater insight into the Sugar mission of doing more by doing less. This year the event had even more exciting developments and innovations to enlighten us with. Sugar has acquired the company Node which specializes in artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of this acquisition, the company launched Sugar Predict and Sugar Club. This further enhanced the channel capabilities. 

Time to Let the Platform Do the Work

No Blind Spots

By using Sugar, you can eliminate all blind spots. There is always room for human error in any work that takes place manually. However, with the Sugar platform, everything is accounted for and there is no room for missing any important information that may adversely affect your business. 

No Busy Work

Work that would take human hours of hard work only takes Sugar a few minutes to achieve. It takes the ‘busy work’ out of the work, leaving behind only sorted information for your organization. The reduction of busy work allows the organization to focus more on other responsibilities and hence achieve more. 

No Roadblocks

Sugar found insights from a Survey Conducted with South Professionals that showed 52% of sales leaders say CRM systems are costing them lost revenue, 50% cannot access customer data across marketing, sales, and service systems, and One third say their customer data is incomplete, out of date, or inaccurate. With the use of SugarCRM, all of these roadblocks would be removed and the path to a smooth running CRM platform would be paved. 

Recent Activities for Sugars  

The Acquisition of Node has been essentially productive for Sugar. It has integrated over five hundred applications in a cost-effective manner. The organization has also purchased two of the biggest resellers in Australia, allowing them to make all technologies available to all local geographical areas. 

Last summer, the company launched SugarClub as an attempt to connect all Sugar users. Since then, there have been monthly clubhouse Q&A sessions for members to pitch and resolve any queries that they might be facing. They also expanded E-learning courses and mediums. 

Awards and Accolades 

  • Customer Choice Awards 2020 
  • No. 1 Software Reviews, Emotional Footprint Report, Jan 2021
  • 19x Crowd Mid Market CRM Leader 2021
  • Hot Company to Watch 2021 Nucleus Research
  • Leader CRM Value Matrix Nucleus Research
  • CRM Excellence Award
  • Gold Stevie Award

How the Platform will do the Work for You and Your Customers 

From Lightweight Capabilities to Leading Edge Capabilities

Artificial Intelligence technology is time-aware, low touch, and continuously innovative. Data has always been a perennial challenge for the CRM platform. Now, Sugar has started focusing on lead evaluation through Artificial Intelligence. This helps in optimizing all previously manual lead scores, which further helps in the marketing approach. 

Sugar Live and Sugar Serve 

Sugar Live and Sugar Serve have been built for the use of customer service agents. The feature of Hint Proactive Account Discovery reduces error and ensures that the seller provides the exact information that is needed to generate leads. The purchase history can be searched and analyzed, specifically in Sugar Serve, where information is available to agents as well as dealers. 

The software helps marketers engage with customers and enables relating to them. Marketing has transformed from a softer personal experience to a hardcore data analysis process. It is also a visually appealing software that is much more scalable than other software in the market. 

Four Major Mistakes that People Make 

Rely Too Much on Humans for Data Accuracy 

“To err is human ” can be perfectly incorporated into the data-driven world of today. It is likely for humans to make mistakes where thousands of pieces of data are concerned. Heavy reliance on humans to input and assort data is one of the biggest mistakes that most organizations make. 

They Assume CRM Holds All the Information Ever Needed 

This is another extreme that organizations can take upon themselves. They rely completely and solely on the CRM platform, without any assistance from humans or other necessary tools needed. 

They Assume CRM tracks everything

This mistake is similar to the one discussed before. No organization can solely rely on a CRM platform for all of its tracking needs. They need to be smart and diverse about keeping a track of everything. 

They Have Siloed Customer Insights 

Most organizations rely on customer insights that are isolated and singular. This results in the development of a product or service that is not actually suited to the needs and requirements of the customer. 

HD CX: High Definition Customer Experience 

The HD CX software handles all interactions with customers in order to achieve fruitful customer experiences. It enables the user to track every single click and every single touchpoint. This removes all of the blind spots from the business, hence improving customer satisfaction. To get hands-on experience, interested parties can register as Customer Experience Apprentice with SugarCRM. 

The HD CX has raised expectations in what it is to deliver pure customer satisfaction. 

Your Platform For Digital Transformation

It is predicted that by the year 2025, 80% of all B2B interactions will take place digitally. This is where SugarCRM comes in to assist all businesses in their day-to-day procedures. The marketing team can use SugarCRM to interact with and engage existing and potential customers. Simultaneously, the sales team can use SugarCRM to generate leads. Sugar also provides a Sugar knowledge base for internal staff and for customers. 

Why Choose SugarCRM and Who is it For? 

Organizations need data to flow seamlessly from the CRM system to the workforce management system to enable field workers to have all the vital information. Having a data visualization function is also essential. Data is an incredibly important commodity in helping any business compete. 

SugarCRM helps cater to all of these needs. The platform is perfect for companies that do not have a strong IT department. The system auto-logs leads into Sugar. This enables the feature to measure the fruits of the efforts of the marketing team. Sugar is easily adaptable and customizable according to the company. The platform also helps reduce overhead administration costs. 

Upcoming Events and Technologies 

The recent software development for the Sugar organization has been phenomenal. The Head In The Clouds Program has given birth to new possibilities. They have incorporated predict software that is driven by services. Sugar Club has been especially useful during the Pandemic to create a sense of belonging. 

Sugar aims to launch a music group event ‘Club Zone’ on the 28th of September 2021. 

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