A Closer Look at Salesforce Service Cloud

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Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud-based solutions used globally by every kind of business. The Salesforce Service Cloud is an integral part of the Salesforce Cloud which professionals use all over the world.

What is the Salesforce Service Cloud?

The Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform that enables sales team members to automate various service processes. This works by streamlining the workflows and finding key articles, topics, and experts to help customer service agents. This helps to build strong one-to-one relationships with every customer across numerous channels and devices.
The Salesforce Service Cloud can address and respond to customers across different social platforms and automatically involve the appropriate sales agents as well. This helps to further optimize the customer engagement process resulting in a better customer experience. The Salesforce Customer Success platform integrates with social customer service to enable team members to get a clearer picture of the needs and requirements of the customer. This further enhances customer experience and increases the sales output of a business.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

Service for Apps makes it possible to embed customer support software into applications. In-app mobile support can include live agent video chat, screen sharing, and on-screen guided assistance. The software is also integrated with Salesforce Community Cloud, which provides more communication channels for agents and customers

Service Cloud with Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Lightning features come to the service cloud. The Lightning Console in Salesforce Service Cloud accesses relevant information with ease. For the purpose of customer service, you can quickly use the information to deal with customers. All types of information are included in this like customer profiles and case histories. By doing so, you can resolve all your customers’ problems and give them a seamless service experience. Use a dashboard that’s provided to access your most frequently used actions for increased productivity
Customers can now become accustomed to quick and personalized experiences when it comes to interacting with your business. Company representatives, with all the information ready in Lightning Console, can give customers direct attention. This will increase your customer retention rates as customers will be glad to drop in again expecting the same service

The Salesforce Service Cloud Case Management Module

The case management module is a feature that allows for any and all queries to be solved faster. This is a more efficient way to handle the pipeline. Case routing is powered by Salesforce Einstein, which will route the right cases to the right agent. Doing so will allow every query to be dealt with and nothing left behind.
The case management module stores every interaction between agents and customers for viewing purposes. Salesforce Service Cloud saves these over different file formats like notes, emails, and even voice notes. They will be managed efficiently so you can access them quickly and easily. You will receive real-time alerts whenever there is something actionable at your end as a customer or sales representative. The case management module also comes with many predefined email templates that you can use to interact with your audience.

Workflow Management

Enter the world of Salesforce Service Cloud automation. You can easily replace and get rid of the monotonous tasks and internal processes that can eat up company time. You now have access to different workflows that can speed up your operations and get rid of repetitive tasks. Assign tasks, make emails, and update fields this way to save up on time and drastically increase productivity.
You can create workflows quite easily using the drag and drop interface that’s present in the Salesforce Cloud. No need to know any complex coding techniques as this was designed with business users in mind. Everything is managed inside the process builder which is used to make emails, calls and update records. You can also make approvals by defining each step of the task, along with other details involved in the process

Multi-Channel Routing

With Salesforce, you can make sure that the right lead is assigned to the right customer representative. Using the admin panel, you can set Salesforce to assign work to employees based on work experience or skill set. You do not have to do the assigning yourself and can leave the whole process to Salesforce too. With all of this, you can ensure that urgent work is addressed in advance every time.
Gain statistics on the performance and other parameters of employees based on handling work and other miscellaneous tasks. Time taken on certain tasks can provide insight on what can be prioritized, and improved. Accept to decline ratios of new work assignments can be immediately gauged. Besides that, things like the average waiting time before a lead is addressed will all let you know how to route best.

Self-Service Portal

The Salesforce Service Cloud is big on the community aspect of your customers. Gathering the community together on a customer portal or a knowledge center lets customers solve their issues themselves. This postal can be integrated right into the Salesforce Service Cloud. This means that you, your service representatives, and your customers can work seamlessly
Salesforce Einstein also helps out, the artificial intelligence platform makes sure that customers get a tailored experience. You can also customize your Salesforce in such a way that you can personalize it a step further. Live chat also makes an appearance, allowing you to guide customers in the right direction and make their life easier. Besides just you helping them, this always enables them to help themselves, and each other.

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