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New Year is here and we’re all set for the buildup to the first SugarCRM event of the year – SugarCRM Sales Kick Off. Building upon the success of the last two installments, the SugarCRM Sales Kick Off is all set to take Monterey, California, by storm and set the stage for a successful year for the Cupertino-based company.

So what’s in store? Well, lots of good stuff for one. The Sales Kick Off itself is basically an event that brings together the sales teams of a particular industry to share insights, business practices, strategies and more for a collective improvement across the board. Last year’s SugarCRM Sales Kick Off FY ‘19 in Italy was one of the biggest events of 2018 and included a number of different hands-on training and workshop sessions for all SugarCRM Partners. A lot of it is still under wraps about this year’s event but we can rest assured that this year’s event will surely include:

Sugar Knowledge

To increase Sales, you need all your cogs working coherently, and this includes knowing the products inside out. At SugarCRM Sales Kick Off, expect SugarCRM to conduct thorough hands-on training on a number of products, both old and new, to ensure all of their Partners are up to speed with the new and improved versions in order to sell better. SugarCRM must have multiple products lined up for 2019 so it’s a safe bet to assume these hands-on training sessions are going to hold something unique for all those in attendance.


Networking, the golden chalice of business relationships. SugarCRM Sales Kick Off will bring together Sugar Partners from all over the globe to interact, engage, and discuss all things Sugar. This is an excellent opportunity for Sugar Partners, Sales representatives, and Executives to connect, share insights and collaborate for collective benefit. Certain industries in certain regions of the world might be using a SugarCRM Customization that is unknown in another region. Events such as Sales Kick off present an excellent opportunity for cross-regional collaboration.

Celebrate Success

The SugarCRM Sales Kick Off also serves as a celebration of the previous year’s success. With an eye for exquisite locations, each SugarCRM Sales Kick Off is held at a fascinating location anywhere around the globe for a bewitching experience. This year’s event will be held in Monterey, California and is set to be the biggest one yet.

Watch this space for more info on this event as we draw closer to February. Meanwhile, If you’ve got any CRM queries or problems in the way, get in touch for a FREE CRM Consultation now!

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