The Importance of Mobile CRM

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Mobile usage is growing fast among sales teams around the world that are out in the field meeting potential customers. This creates the need for a mobile service or application that they can use to record leads and follow sales processes on the go. The question for businesses remains whether such a system is worth investing in. Let’s investigate.

Mobile CRM

In recent years, mobile usage has increased at a breakneck speed, and in some markets, such as India, cell phones have even overtaken desktops as the primary source of internet traffic. With more and more users joining the mobile revolution with each passing day, it is safe to say that businesses need to keep up with their mobile operations.

A mobile CRM, which is a CRM application that can be used on a mobile device via a browser or an application, allows your sales teams to stay on top of their game on the go, even as they are out in the field generating leads, and making contacts. This is achieved by storing your CRM in the cloud, making customer data available to your teams anywhere.

The Case for Going Mobile

According to a recent study, companies that adopted mobile CRM were far more likely to meet their sales targets. Failure to achieve sales targets was also far higher in companies without a mobile CRM in place. What’s more, the smaller number of businesses that have actually implemented mobile CRM gives your company an edge, by closing deals quickly.

How to Go About It

The question then remains, “How do I get my sales teams on board the mobile CRM system?” There are a few steps you can take:

  • Get your employees on board: Mobile CRM adoption will only be a success if the people using it are into it. Drive interest by providing in-house training and highlighting how using it will help the team in their work.
  • Provide the devices: one way to get people to join in is to give out the resources they need. This includes handing out phones to the salespeople with the CRM application already installed so they can start using it right away. Taking a proactive approach is the way to go.
  • Make sure the app is user-friendly. Before pitching the app to the sales team, make sure the CRM you use has a user-friendly mobile app. The effectiveness of mobile CRM lies in how easy the users find it to perform the different tasks. Even if they don’t need all the features from the desktop version in the mobile app, make sure the basic operations, such as adding leads or editing contact information, can be performed efficiently.

MobileCRM is a useful tool to streamline the processes for your sales force and give you an edge over your competitors, but it is just as important to make sure your employees can utilize it effectively to improve sales operations.

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