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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the core of every sales and marketing team that ensures everything they do runs smoothly. You’ll need the support of a CRM if you honestly want to serve your customers. Two names have risen to become some of the most popular and renowned CRM software today in the decades since these programs and other cloud-managed services were first launched to the market: Hub Spot and Salesforce. This leads to the question of which CRM is best for your company. The first name that comes to mind is salesforce because this CRM is in the market for a long time and is more popular but the point is it is not suitable for every business.

Hubspot is one of the best alternatives to salesforce that is known to be a consistent leader in CRM. It offers a powerful CRM which is easy to use and this consolidation makes it an attractive solution for the startups and a feasible alternative to Salesforce.

You have to decide which CRM is best suitable for your business and that’s when you have to choose between two. To have CRM in your company is beneficial unless you have any data about the leads, customers, and sales to the store. Let’s take a look at the specifications of Salesforce and HubSpot and that will help you to choose one for yourself.

Salesforce Vs.HubSpot Pricing

 HubSpot Pricing Salesforce PricingHubspot PricingSalesforce Pricing

Setup and User Interface

The primary goal of any CRM is to assist you in managing and organizing all of your customer data. Your CRM processes all of the information you get from your clients, including contacts, prospects, and active accounts. However, when it comes to this feature, HubSpot and Salesforce appear to have a comparable structure

The user design of each app allows you to rapidly access Accounts, Contacts, Deals, and Reports. A basic navigation bar at the top of the screen provides access to all of the program’s core functions. You may simply dive down into specific contacts in both systems. You may quickly import Excel files into both platforms while setting up the software.

However, when you set up Salesforce, you’ll realize that it has a lot more options and menu customizations. With salesforce, you can add custom tags such as sales groups, tasks, and quotes. Comparatively, Hubspot offers very little customization and a simpler user interface.

Salesforce Services Offered by Rolustech

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Marketing and sales Features

Marketing Features

Salesforce, of course, has all of the traditional CRM functionality, such as contact monitoring and sales data. You’ll also find useful marketing capabilities within the platform, such as email marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing that may help you reach out to new customers. You’ll also find content management and lead creation tools to help you significantly increase your consumer base. Salesforce also has its own marketing automation system, Pardot, which is available for a fee.

Despite this, HubSpot offers a greater range of marketing functions than Salesforce, making it the top CRM for marketing available today, according to our analysis.

Sales Features

Attracting customers is only one aspect but what is more important is you must be able to sell them the product. With the help of salesforce sales features, you can manage your leads and eventually give you the opportunity to turn that lead into customers.

Customer Support

Salesforce has better customer support, as this CRM is complicated to use but its customer support options are strong. Salesforce not only offers you a catalog of online documentation and tutorial videos to resolve any kind of issue but you can also become part of a large salesforce community user who can help you with your system queries and solutions.

There’s is more to it as salesforce gives you the option and make an actual person available for you to walk through the complications of the system. You just have to log in to the system, here you can contact the representative of salesforce to share your problem that eliminates the hassle of posting the issues on forums and waiting for days to get it done.

Reporting and Analytics

Salesforce’s extensive feature set includes reporting and analytics capabilities, as you might expect. The built-in system, like the rest of the platform, is highly customizable, providing you with complete choice over what you track and how you track it. Furthermore, with Tableau’s new analytics add-on, you’ll be able to gain a complete 360-degree perspective of how your customers engage with your business, providing you with more actionable insights for increasing sales.

HubSpot is a little more limited in terms of features, so you won’t have the same level of access, especially if you’re relying on the platform’s free CRM. It’s more open to third-party reporting tools, but who wants to go through all that trouble when Salesforce already has it all?


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