Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Energy Industry

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MPower Energy is an energy services and solutions company that merges the power of the general energy grid with the flexibility and services of a private ESCO. It is one of the highest-rated energy providers in the tristate area, directly purchasing and supplying energy to thousands of residential and commercial clients. MPower had been using Sugar Professional as a CRM system to keep track of all its Accounts, Contacts and to manage cases.


MPower received 7 different types of cases on a daily basis, each of which had completely different natures and were dealt by different teams. Sugar has only one case module outof-the-box and it was unable to cater to MPower’s different case types. This caused discrepancies in invoices, billing, and approval/rejection requests, to name a few. MPower needed a powerful Case Management solution along with other modifications and workflow automations in the system to integrate their business processes with the CRM. After some discovery sessions with MPower, our team of SugarCRM experts suggested various SugarCRM customizations.


  • Developed custom modules in SugarCRM for each case type and provided the ability to assign them to a suitable team.
  • Implemented workflow automation that created events whenever a case status was updated and created tasks for customer reps and notified customers of case resolution via email.
  • Customized the Accounts module to include custom fields and improved its search feature.
  • Developed a Customer module that associated several different accounts with a customer.
  • Tweaked the Invoices module to include more fields and improved filters.
  • Customized the History module to include a new category for events to it. Added role-based controls.
  • Customized the History, Customer and Accounts Module sub-panels to only show relevant cases.



Once the case management and accompanying system was customized according to the exact requirements of MPower, the system became much more adaptive and solved most, if not all, of the problems that MPower faced initially, thus improving the team’s productivity and efficiency. Rolustech continues to provide ongoing SugarCRM support to MPower and both teams look forward to further enhancing the capabilities of Sugar for MPower’s other business units

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