RT SugarBox Walkthrough

RT SugarBox is a plugin proposed as a data syncing solution between Sugar and Box.com services. With RT SugarBox you can access, share, track and manage Box content directly from within Sugar, ensuring that your sales teams have the latest content to share with leads and customers.

Selecting a contact from your Sugar Accounts will display a Box dashlet within your Sugar. This dashlet shows the Box directory which is mapped onto the Sugar module that you are in. You can also send and receive content between Sugar and Box directly from here. Attaching a document to a Sugar account will instantly place it in Box folder. Similarly, uploading a document in Box will place it in your Sugar. The dashlet only shows content that is there in the Box folder. In order to have this saved in your Sugar, there are two ways. Firstly, there is a scheduler which runs after a set time and automatically syncs the Box content with Sugar. Or you could click on this Sugar icon inside the dashlet and immediately pull the content in your Sugar and the file will be saved.

With the SugarCRM integration of RT SugarBox, users can easily invite collaborations and define precise roles for teams and contacts from the accounts module. The platform also allows users to send PDF templates to Box directories, which can be created and edited within the Sugar system. The seamless syncing of data between the two platforms makes it easy to map contacts, opportunities, and leads to Box folders. The admin panel allows users to select Sugar modules and Box folders for mapping, and they can name directories according to module field names. The OAuth2 flow ensures secure authentication and authorization for users, making the SugarCRM and Box integration a seamless and secure experience.

Furthermore, you can easily track the sync history between the two mediums by going to the Activity Stream. Box notifications will be enabled in Sugar activity stream. You will be able to view content status updates directly from here. RT SugarBox is an amazing integration between SugarCRM and Box. With a simple interface and great features, this Integration eliminates the need of sending content back and forth with updated revisions.