EOL of support for Plugins

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SuiteCRM 7.8 came to its End of Life (EOL) back in 2019 and they stopped providing support in the same year. We have been providing support for our plugins compatible with the outdated version for more than 2 years. However, Rolustech will no longer provide service issues related to its plugins  installed with SuiteCRM 7.8, in order to maintain service standards for our newer products.

Effective January 31st, 2023, we will only provide support for our plugins that are compatible with the newer versions of SuiteCRM (7.11.*/7.12.*).

We thank our customers for their continued trust in our products and our team members who have helped us maintain the plugins so far. We hope to continue a high standard of service for our latest products.

All customers using our plugins with SuiteCRM 7.8 should consider upgrading their CRM to one of the following versions to continue availing our FREE support:

  • 7.11.*
  • 7.12.*

The above-mentioned releases of SuiteCRM include multiple updates, such as a new default PDF Engine, a new high contrast theme (Noon), and support for Elasticsearch 7. Furthermore, these act as a gateway to SuiteCRM 8, which our plugins will be compatible with soon, so join us on this exciting journey.

To help those interested in transitioning to the newer versions, we have provided until the end of January to allow our customers ample time to get comfortable with the newer software and learn about the newer features in some of our products.

Contact to talk to our representative if you have questions about upgrading your CRM version.

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