UnCon 2016: Everything you need to know!

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We know Sugar Developers landed in San Francisco yearning for one thing above all, The UnCon 2016. It is a conference within the larger SugarCon with the aim of bringing all the Sugar Engineers and Developers on a single platform to share their experiences, best practices and future course of action.

“UnCon is your opportunity to learn, rub shoulders, and hack with the top developers and architects at SugarCRM” – in SugarCRM’s own words.

As you know, every year the brightest minds in the dominion of Sugar Development get together at UnCon. This year too, the event held for two days (14th-15th June) at SugarCon 2016, was a huge success.

See what Sugar’s own Mathew Marum has to say about UnCon 2016

“In brief, it went so well that there is wide agreement across the company for a significantly expanded event for Sugar Developers at SugarCon next year. So we look forward to seeing you all again for SugarCon in September 2017”

Technical gurus from diverse Sugar Partner Firms were seen along with Sugar newbies who were eager to learn the arts from the Sugar wizards.

UnCon 2016 Agenda

This year, The UnCon was divided into three General sessions carried out on both days and a total of five breakout sessions.

Extensive deliberations were carried out on a wide spectrum of Sugar development but the major focus of the sessions remained on the following two topics:

  1. Sugar Platform
  2. Solution Architecture

UnCon 2016 Day 1

On the first day, a general session was kicked off by SugarCRM’s very own Matt Marum on the ‘Sugar Developer Ecosystem’. Breakout session’s pulled off amazing discussions on topics like High Performance Customizations, Using Sugar tools for Performance Testing and an incredible session on Elasticsearch Framework by Jelle Vink.

The second UnCon General Session was presented by SugarCRM’s new Chief Product Officer Rich Green on ‘Sugar Platform Updates for Developers’. Breakout sessions pertained to topics like Open Source projects, Using Sugar REST APIs, Advanced Workflows, and Sugar Metadata Deep Dive to Security.

UnCon 2016 Day 2

The second day consisted of a single General Session on Architecting Successful Projects moderated by Jorge Arroyo.

Furthermore, two additional breakout sessions were conducted which included several individual sessions on diverse range of topics on Sugar Development. These included sessions on ‘Sidecar Deep Dive’, Building Dashlets, Debugging Sugar, Customizing Sugar Visibility, DevOps and Automation etc.

Hits Sessions at the UnCon 2016

The following breakout sessions were most popular and great hit at this year’s conference.

Missed this year’s UnCon?

Don’t worry if you’ve not been able to attend this year’s conference.  Sugar has got you covered; soon you’ll be able to access all the presentations and video recording s of UnCon 2016.

All the example codes shown during the conference are already available here.

All in all, This Year’s UnCon did not leave Sugar geeks disappointed. There was a lot of learning, a lot of discussion, improvements and decision making at UnCon 2016. It played a huge part in the overall success of SugarCon 2016.

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