SalesAgility, the company behind the award-winning SuiteCRM, has introduced another open-source CRM system targeted towards enterprise-class customers and organizations who face compliance adherence obligations. This solution, by the name of SuiteASSURED, is the world’s first warrantied open-source CRM software. However, in contrast to SuiteCRM, this solution has none of the downsides of being open-source. It has, on the flip-side, all the security, indemnities and warranties that are usually associated with proprietary software.


What is SuiteASSURED

As already established, SuiteASSURED is an open-source CRM, however, it also checks all the boxes in the security requirements department. It is kept separate from its open source counterpart, in the sense that there is a dedicated SuiteCRM team that maintains and manages this product, keeping it above par from its open-source counterpart. There are  intellectual property warranties as well as guaranteed securities associated with this product.

What is suite assured

SuiteASSURED Salient Features

Some major features attributed with SuiteASSURED include, but are not limited to:

  • Numerous modules (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, etc)
  • No experimental code
  • Level 3 Support
  • Quality, Freedoms and Innovations of open-source CRM systems
  • Protection and Guarantees of proprietary software

Security in SuiteASSURED

Internal teams, in collaboration with third-party organizations, regularly carry out checks and tests to ensure high security levels of SuiteASSURED, with security checks taking place throughout the development life cycles of all the releases of the products. SalesAgility also offers software assurances as well as intellectual property warranties, which are suitable for organizations which require extra data security.

SuiteASSURED Comparison With SuiteCRM

SuiteASSURED is suitable for organizations operating in environments bound by compliances or additional security checks that are, currently, not provided with SuiteCRM. These organizations find adopting open-source CRM software to be a challenge, due to the sensitive nature of their data. This insecurity with regard to open-source software can be associated to the lack of security measures, such as warranties and indemnities, in most open source licences. Hence, SuiteASSURED is a game changer for such organizations, providing the advantages of open-source solutions in a package that has compliance driven standards usually found in proprietary software.

SuiteASSURED Pricing

The pricing model of SuiteASSURED is such that it depends on the number of sites as well as banded users. Once these factors have been considered, the final price is generated. Although SuiteASSURED is not free, unlike SuiteCRM, it is still more competitively priced than some of the more popular CRMs in the market, such as SugarCRM and Salesforce.

Follow the link to learn more about SuiteASSURED pricing.

SuiteASSURED Support

Your number of SuiteASSURED users not only determine the price, but also the total number of care hours provided that you can use for support features associated with SuiteASSURED. These support features include L3 support, training, consultation as well as custom development, with all support services being provided by SalesAgility. Furthermore, resources are available online which can help solve various queries in relation to SuiteASSURED. These resources and support options are available 24/7.

How to get SuiteASSURED?

Rolustech can help you in purchasing and implementing SuiteASSURED. Rolustech has vast experience in SuiteCRM Customization, Integration, Migration and Support. Our team of CRM experts have profound experience in SuiteCRM, having provided services to clients worldwide. We find great pride in our work and are willing to focus all our energies in delivering top of the line service. Get in touch now if you want a seamless migration to SuiteASSURED.

Yes, this is possible. The simplest way to do this is by appropriately formatting your data in a CSV file as per Sugar guidelines and using the native SugarCRM data import tool. This will allow you to import basic fields into SugarCRM. For more complex migrations,  you will need to get in touch with a SugarCRM certified developer like Rolustech.

You can ensure data security by having us handle your data migration needs. Rolustech is a Certified SugarCRM Partner and is a ISO27001 certified firm. We comply with international standards of data security and ensure data protection during migration.

Some of the most common issues faced are as follows:

  1. Incorrect field mapping
  2. Incorrect data formats
  3. Deprecated functions
  4. Duplication of data
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