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6 ‘Must Have Sales Skills for Customer facing SugarCRM issues

“A business absolutely devoted to Service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large” said Henry Ford.

Although, a century later the market dynamics have undergone a metamorphosis but his pearls of wisdom hold as true as they were then. Today, technologies have emerged which are making sales people more empowered than ever before to provide exceptional customer service. SugarCRM entered the industry with the aim of empowering every customer facing employee and help them close deals faster, easier and more effectively while delighting their clientele.

No doubt, CRMs have made their mark in the Sales industry because of the additional capabilities they provide. But  the question remains; is it the CRM that sells or the man behind the CRM? Actually the answer lies somewhere in between. In a recent LinkedIn survey,

82% of the top Salespeople interviewed in the study cite sales tools as critical to their ability to close Sales deals.

So, we know that salespeople are relying heavily on their CRMs, which are mostly customized for optimal utility, but at the same time there is a human element involved in closing a deal. Where SugarCRM provides Salespeople with some of the most intelligent CRM tools and integrations for Sales, in our experience there are some skills and human qualities which when matched with SugarCRM give the best possible Sales results.

Therefore, we have compiled here 6 qualities that every customer facing employee of yours using SugarCRM should exhibit. I ensure these qualities if coupled with SugarCRM make an incredible combo to boost sales and drive ever increasing profits. Without further ado, let’s spot the qualities

1. Being Observant always pays off

The first quality that a Salesperson should exhibit is sheer observation. This involves observing the client’s attitude, his behavior, his knowledge of the product you’re selling and how interested does he seem. Once these observations are made, a shrewd salesperson can always derive key insights about the client and how to use them to close the deal.

The client’s behavior and attitude can easily tell which phase of the buyer’s journey he is in and what offer can strike a chord with him. This is where the real selling begins.

2. Salespeople should Being Persistent

Even the best Salespeople find some prospects too hard to delight. This is where persistence plays a role. It is for the Salesperson to know when it just isn’t working out and plan what choice does he have to save the deal. If and only if your Salesperson is persistent enough to not let go but find other ways to gain the client’s attention, he can succeed. And of course this involves striking a perfect balance between not seeming desperate and not letting the client move to your competitor.

3. Building Relationships is the key to Individualization

Gone are the days of personalization! Today, personalization is superseded by individualization. Dr. Catriona Wallace reminded us earlier this year at SugarCon 2018 that it is individualization which is gaining traction with the customers of today. She explained how global forces are shaping today’s customers,

“We started with mass production phase, which then led mass customization and segmentation. We’re still going through the personalization phase, but we’re moving into individualization”

According to her every customer is an individual having his/her own identity. Guess what will reward business in this individualization phase we’re witnessing? Right! Building Relationships with each and every individual will be the key to customer success here.

4. Great Listeners are Great Salespeople

A well-tainted ability to listen to people is a timeless quality Salespeople need, today more than ever. Millennial customers have knowledge (a lot of it). They know what they want and don’t need you reminding them what they need.

On the other hand, what will really make all the difference is you telling them if they are making an informed decision by going with XYZ product/service. Let them speak-both their hearts and minds, then and only then approach them with what you have to offer.

5. Being Composed is the key

Things don’t always go according to the plan. This is especially true in today’s environment where customers are most informed. If your salespeople don’t stay composed to handle your customers’ difficult questions, objections or concerns, then the deal is surely off.

Composure gives your Salespeople proper tactics and time to think both clearly and cleverly. Moreover, nothing is more assuring to a client than the confidence of the salespeople which makes him seem well-grounded and trustworthy. A little bit of cool play and a little bit trust can pave way for an exceptional customer experience.

6. Passion never goes out of (Sales) Style

You know when it is missing and so does your client. A passionate Salesperson has one advantage above all, ‘the power of belief’. A believer in his product has a hundred ways to inspire confidence in your product/service and trust me; one of those resonates with your client.

Passion is not a skill which can be faked at the spot but a desire and drive that it takes to win the deal. This absolutely does not mean blabbering about the benefits of your product-which is often mistaken as being passionate. It involves the enthusiasm to talk to your client with a purpose and that purpose might not always be selling but knowing you’re doing the right thing by helping the client with your product or service.

Conclusive Takeaway

There you go-bam! This is all you need in your Salespeople before you equip them with the right CRM. What an excellent CRM like Sugar will do is equip these skilled people with the right tools. Remember! A soldier cannot fight without a sword and the sword in this case is SugarCRM features. SugarCRM lets your soldiers (Salespeople) make use of all their capabilities to make that final swing which is all that matters in order to win.

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