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CRM Comparison Comparative Analysis of 13 CRMs INFOGRAPHIC

The Choice of CRM

Adopting a viable CRM platform for your business is no more an option. Businesses worldwide are looking to adopt the best possible CRM in order to give themselves a competitive edge.  But here comes the tricky part, the CRM industry is growing at an unprecedented pace and their adoption is skyrocketing.

According to Gartner, the CRM market will be a whopping $36.5 billion in 2017. On the one hand, this unmatched growth is bringing many new CRM solutions in the market; on the other, we are witnessing many mergers and acquisitions in this industry. Oracle’s acquisition of NetSuite is the latest one that this industry has seen.

Choosing the Right CRM

Coming back to the point, the growth in the CRM industry is giving today’s businesses a hard time in choosing the best CRM. Making this decision involves knowing where your company stands today and where you see it in the future. According to research by the Merkel Group, around 63% of CRM implementations fail due to several reasons.

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Avoiding failures involves a lot of things but, above all, choosing the right CRM in the first place always proves to be the major deciding factor between a successful CRM Implementation and a potential failure. For this purpose, we have compiled in this Infographic a comparison of 13 CRMs which have made their mark and are increasingly being adopted by today’s businesses. Before taking a look at them and choosing the one that fits your need best, let’s briefly take a look at:

5 key considerations before choosing the Right CRM

  1. How much you are willing to pay? Both, Today and Tomorrow.
  2. Depth vs. Breadth of functionality: Choose what you need and not what you like.
  3. Your expected ROI: Decide what you want from your CRM beforehand.
  4. Your future plans: You’ll change in the future so will your business. Decide accordingly!
  5. The scale of your business: Popular CRMs are not necessarily for your scale & scope.
  6. Knowing Your People: It is people who run CRMs and not the other way around.

So now you’re ready to know what you need to look for in your potential CRM. We have compiled, in this infographic, all that you need to know from their features and capabilities to how much you’re expected to pay per user/month. In addition, we have also added the hosting options for each and mentioned for which market each CRM performs best. Let’s take a look at it

13 CRMs to Look for When Shopping for CRM

CRM Comparison: Comparative Analysis of 13 CRMs

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