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Why CRM Is the Best Human Resource Management Software

Employees are an asset to any company and play a key role in its growth. For any business to be profitable, it is important to not just streamline communication with clients but also with the employees. 

As companies are leveraging technology to beat their competitors and have seamless business processes, it is equally important to use a single software that can be customized and integrated to solve all your business problems. 

Did you know that the CRM platform can do much more than just managing customer relationships and streamlining sales management? 

At present, many companies are using CRM software for human resource management as well. This saves them from investing time and money in some other human resource management software.  

There is no better option than leveraging a CRM platform for managing employees in a company. So, let’s explore how the CRM software customized for HRM can be a powerful solution for your business and prove to the best human resource management software. 

Benefits of CRM as the Best Human Resource Management Software

Recruitment Management

CRM software will allow you to automate the recruitment process. Speed up the hiring process and keep onboard all stakeholders when hiring a candidate to take their opinion without wasting time. This will also remove bottlenecks in communication and save the time of your team and the candidates.

This isn’t all. CRM can be customized into a top HR management software so you can streamline recruitment management and don’t lose a competent candidate due to delays in the decision-making process. 

Talent Management

For companies to attract the best talent, it’s important to streamline their talent sourcing programs and utilize recruitment automation. By leveraging CRM as the best talent management software, companies can have a 360- degree view of candidates within the CRM platform. 

Moreover, with CRM and social media integration, you can push job openings and keep track of the applicant’s response in real-time. 

Scoring Candidates 

Just like lead scoring in CRM, you can assign scores to candidates based on their skills to reduce bias and hire the right fit for your company. Moreover, you can also leverage artificial intelligence in CRM to conduct video-based interviews for the initial stages of the hiring process. 

Payroll Management

Save time by managing different business processes within your CRM platform. One major benefit of CRM is that it lets you manage all your payrolls effortlessly. You can generate salary slips and manage leaves data, increments, bonuses, deductions, etc. effortlessly within your CRM. 

Along with this,CRM and accounting software integration will make your payroll management smooth. This makes CRM software no less than one of the best payroll management solutions and lets you share data seamlessly with the accounting department. 

Accurate Employee Reports

With robust reporting and interactive dashboards, you can easily create employee reports in the CRM. This will result in an accurate evaluation of employee performance and help to boost productivity.

By leveraging the CRM platform as a human resource management software for small businesses, you won’t have to switch between different platforms and emails. Everything will be shown in a single view of your CRM. Moreover, it will also help you to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and have a clear picture of their performance. 

Employee Database Management

It is important to have all the required details of an employee such as the joining date, contract renewal date, personal information, and emergency contacts, etc. in one place. 

You can also leverage the CRM platform as the best HR database management software. This is because CRM will provide you all the information about the current and past activities of an employee along with the relevant data. 

Additionally, as the CRM platform is user-intuitive and easy to use, it won’t be cumbersome to update employee records whenever somebody leaves the company or there is a new-joiner. 

Employee Sentiment Analysis

Just like the CRM software is used to keep track of communication with clients, it can serve as one of the best tools for employee sentiment analysis. By using CRM for HR management, you can keep track of which employees respond fast to clients, maintain a positive tone and have a proactive approach. 

Performance Management 

CRM provides you with employee records at a click. Additionally, you will have all the data about how your employee’s performance is impacting business and influencing customer experiences.

Hence, a CRM platform customized for HRM will be your one-stop solution for all factors that will influence strategizing in the HR department. This makes the CRM platform the best employee management software. 

Your Best Bet: RT HRM

Empower your HR managers to efficiently manage all their tasks with RT HRM. Being one of the most popular plugins for Sugar, it will enable you to leverage your CRM fully for streamlining all HR processes. 

As the role of an HR manager is crucial for the success of any company, RT HRM has got you covered for managing recruitment, performance reviews, leave applications and salary slips, etc.  

RT HRM is a complete HR solution to unlock the hidden potential of your employees. Moreover, our SugarCRM Certified team will ensure that your CRM software mirrors your human resource management needs and takes your business to the next level. 

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