Sugar Productivity Suite: Here’s How You Can Create Better Customer Relationships

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Sugar Productivity Suite Heres How You Can Create Better Customer Relationships

Are you looking for ways to boost your business? For any company to generate higher revenue, it is imperative to provide a great customer experience. However, it isn’t an easy task. A lot of effort, time and resources go into training the sales and customer service teams. 

There are always ways to increase productivity through efficient means. Many businesses are using the SugarCRM platform to drive greater business growth. Being an innovative company, SugarCRM always comes up with ways to revolutionize your business. One such innovation is the “Sugar Productivity Suite”. 

In this article, we will explore different elements of the Sugar Productivity Suite and see how it is beneficial for your business. 

Why Use the Sugar Productivity Suite?

Sugar Productivity Suite is a breakthrough innovation for customer service teams. Taking an intuitive approach, it will help you to solve all your business communication problems. The new Sugar Summer 19 updates further build upon this to help customer-facing employees in their day to day tasks.

Hence, giving them the time and opportunity to nurture strong relationships with the customers. The Sugar Productivity Suite comes with three bundled pieces. It combines the Sugar Enterprise CRM with Hint and Customer Journey Plug-in.

The 3 Game-Changers

In this article, we will discuss how the three bundled pieces contribute to the Suite. We will also talk about how they will increase the productivity of your teams.

Sugar Enterprise  

As a flagship product of SugarCRM, it empowers your sales teams by providing a complete CRM solution. Sugar Enterprise automates the business processes and saves a lot of time. It also takes care of your leads management and streamlines the workflow. 

Moreover, it also helps to improve communication and collaborate better between the teams. With SugarCRM customizations and SugarCRM integration with other commonly used applications, the Sugar Enterprise is the go-to option for businesses aiming to be more productive.


Isn’t it better to manage your relationship with contacts through an intelligent product? Hint does exactly that. It will allow you to gather data of your leads and contacts through their social or corporate profiles. The data can include social media profiles, personal contact information, the company they work in and news related to their company. 

Hint also allows you to automate the process of searching, building and updating the customer database. Later, you can analyze the data to get insights to create better relationships with your customers. Hence, Hint can be utilized to leverage external data sources and help in making critical decisions regarding consumer behavior.

To keep your customers happy, it is important to have a record of all the points of contact with them. Hint enables you to maintain a history of all calls, emails, and meetings with the customers. This drives efficiency and improves customer relationship management through SugarCRM.

Customer Journey Plugin

Sugar Plugins diversify its usage and help to optimize your business. One such option is the Customer Journey Plugin that comes with the Sugar Productivity Suite. It helps to map the customer’s journey throughout the sales process.

Moreover, it will streamline your customer-facing process as you have the option to build smaller journeys for different stages of the customer’s lifecycle. For example, a journey map for the process of onboarding a customer can be made through the plugin. Being powerful and interactive, the Customer Journey Plugin helps to make the communication process smooth across the teams. 

Therefore, it can be used for better management of your internal process such as Account Planning. This will give the employees more time to interact with the clients and develop a strong business relation.

The Customer Journey Plugin can also be used to accommodate customers by creating unique buying cycles. This customer-centric solution helps the sales team to keep track of each interaction with the customers. As a result, your customer service will tremendously improve.

Key Takeaway!

Now that we have discussed the three elements of the Sugar Productivity Suite, it is evident that it will help in increasing the sales velocity through better customer relationships. It will facilitate in breaking down complex sales cycles and ensure that all steps are followed smoothly till the close. 

Together, the Sugar Enterprise, Hint and the Customer Journey Plugin can be used to pull out the required data to optimize your sales process. Many companies using the Sugar Productivity Suite have seen an upward trend in their sales graph. Moreover, to up your business and drive efficiency in your sales team, you can utilize the RT SalesMap Mobile App to plan routes better, synchronize contacts and meetings, and close deals faster. 

Along with this, the number of happy customers has increased exponentially. It is about time you start thinking about its functionality in your business and leverage this intelligent relationship-building tool for your business to prosper. 

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