8 Reasons Why CRM Platform Is the Best Task Management Software

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8 Reasons Why CRM Platform Is the Best Task Management Software

Did you know that CRM software can do much more than managing customer relationships? 

Usually, when a company invests in CRM software, its focus is to deliver meaningful customer experiences. However, it is often overlooked that a CRM can help a company to boost its productivity and be a driving force in unlocking the potential of its employees. With proper task management, you can simplify tasks, ensure a boost in productivity and have seamless communication across the organization. 

Therefore, it’s important to know how CRM software will help you in staying on top of your day and what makes it the best software for task management. 

So, let’s get started and see how CRM software will benefit your company in streamlining task management. 


Setting Reminders

If you are looking for ways to better organize your workday, then you must leverage your CRM platform for task management. Easily set reminders for tasks synchronized with your calendar to never miss a deadline and have a proactive approach. 

Assign Tasks to Different Team Members

No need to maintain a to-do list as your CRM will remind you about your daily activities. Be it setting a task for yourself or assigning to different team members or colleagues across the organization, CRM software has got you covered. 

Stay on Top of Your Day

A timeline of tasks can also be maintained for each customer or employee in the CRM software. Hence, just when a task is completed, it will be automatically updated so your team can focus on the next important task. This will help in effective task management among the team and let you keep the records in a specified order so you know when to follow up on a task.

Therefore, CRM for task management will boost team productivity, ensure quick action and help you to deliver meaningful customer experiences. 

Maintain and Update Records

When managing tasks, it’s important to maintain records and keep the account history updated. Keep track of communication with clients from calls to emails and meetings with your CRM as it is the best software for task management. You can alternatively change the color of task records to always stay on top of everything.

CRM and Email Integration

With email and CRM integration, you can manage all your communication through a unified platform. This will allow you to maintain a complete history of correspondence with the team and the customers, so you can quickly get the right information. We can help you integrate your CRM with any email service of your choice.

Seamless Data Management

Stay updated with the current projects/leads/etc and keep track of performance by having a holistic view of the pipeline through your CRM dashboard. Having easy access to data makes it user-intuitive and enables users to derive actionable insights.

Map Out Your Workflow

To get things done diligently, it’s important to map out your workflow. This will make it easier to understand which tasks are completed, what needs to be done and how different strategies will help you. You can also automate recurring tasks such as follow-ups from customers, different task alerts and updating databases with your CRM for task management. 

Customize the CRM for Best Results

CRM Customization will take your company to the next level. Ensuring that the CRM software mirrors your business needs and keeps your team engaged is critical to increasing the ROI from your CRM investment. Also, customized CRM will make it easy to increase CRM user adoption in your company. 

RT SugarBoards: Your Best Bet for Task Management With CRM

Most of your competitors will be using CRM software for task management. So, how can you gain a competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve? 

It’s actually pretty simple. 

You can make the most of RT SugarBoards to optimize your CRM data and manage tasks with the power of Kanban view. Being a view-based plugin, RT SugarBoards is compatible with SugarCRM and can make your data easily accessible through dynamic columns and cards. 

Not just this, you can also manage your tasks, streamline your pipeline and stay on top of your day with interactive action items on the cards. The quick activity buttons let you make calls, schedule meetings and assign tasks. 

RT SugarBoards also simplifies your work with filtered search integration and drag and drop functionality to determine the status of leads and have effective time management.  

RT StikiNotes: Note -Taking Was Never This Easier

Another highly useful plugin to make the most of your CRM as the best software for task management is RT StikiNotes.

Compatible with SugarCRM, RT StikiNotes lets you keep track of your notes and brings order to your workflows. You can easily take notes inside your Sugar and pull them during an activity for yourself and even share them with your team. 

What Are You Waiting For?

CRM software will let your team manage all their day to day tasks effortlessly. Being the best software for task management, the CRM platform provides endless opportunities for teams to effectively manage their tasks and stay on top of their day. 

Your company can also gain a competitive advantage by leveraging CRM software for task management and using it to streamline their business processes. 

So, are you ready to perform your daily tasks with just a click?

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