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Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud A Complete CRM for the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry faces changing customer dynamics. As a result, many companies are migrating to cloud-based CRM solutions to meet the ever-increasing consumer demands and gain a competitive advantage with better customer experience.  

However, it was difficult to find a customized solution for the manufacturing industry.

To provide a complete CRM solution, Salesforce has introduced its Manufacturing Cloud to help drive digital transformation, enable greater transparency and skyrocket the growth of companies in the manufacturing sector. 

Let’s dive in to learn more about Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud and determine what makes it the best CRM for the manufacturing industry.    

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What is Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud is an end-to-end CRM solution for the manufacturing industry. It gives users a complete view of all customer activities and helps to drive predictable business growth with actionable insights and a proactive approach. 

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud extends the functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Service Cloud. With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, you can achieve greater transparency in all your business processes, get real-time visibility in the sales pipeline, seamlessly manage your key accounts and respond fast to all customer queries and service issues. 

Now, let’s explore how Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud will benefit your business.  

Drive Transparency in Your Manufacturing Processes

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud lets you drive transparency in your business and ensures that you have a single source of truth.

What does this mean for your manufacturing business?

Managing sales agreements will be easier and efficient with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. It gives you a consolidated view of every business agreement so you have all the information about the inventory in stock, order management, and revenue, etc.

Streamline Planning and Inventory Management

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides you a lot more features than manufacturing business management software. You can easily get a unified view to compare your planned sales volumes and revenues with the actuals and improve your business strategies.

Easily Define Custom Metrics

With the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, you can also define your own custom metrics so that your manufacturing process management software mirrors your business. Additionally, you can also set up time-phased metrics to get a 360-degree view of your customers through different stages of the customer lifecycle.      

Accurate Account Based Forecasting

Planning production and forecasting sales play a crucial role in the manufacturing business. With a unified view of all your data in the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, it gets a lot easier. This allows your planning, operations, finance and sales teams to collaborate in real-time and develop more accurate forecasts to drive business growth.

Develop Forecasting Algorithms

Using a Formula Builder, it allows users to easily define a forecast algorithm based on the metrics that are customized for your business. This ensures that the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides users a complete manufacturing software solution. 

Leverage Salesforce Manufacturing & Community Cloud together

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud serves as the top production planning and control software for manufacturing businesses. By leveraging Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud along with Salesforce Community Cloud, you can extend the real-time visibility of your business processes to your customers and channel partners. This will help to cut the delays in planning and get real-time feedback from all stakeholders and develop trust.  

Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing Business

To gain a competitive advantage, you can leverage Salesforce Einstein Analytics for Manufacturing business and derive actionable insights. You can also adopt a proactive approach by understanding trends in data and have well-informed and comprehensive recommendations. Moreover, different  Salesforce Einstein features such as conversational queries will make it easy for your manufacturing business to easily handle queries by processing natural language interface. 

Seamless Communication From Warehouse to the Front Office

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud allows teams across different departments to seamlessly communicate. It also ensures that you get an accurate and real-time view of all your account activities and keep everything connected with your order management system or ERP software. As a result, you can boost productivity and remove all bottlenecks in communication. 

It’s A Wrap!

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides a complete picture of customers in the manufacturing industry. It allows you to effectively plan through the account-based forecasts, drive transparency in all sales agreements, break down silos in communication across departments and derive real-time insights for predictable business growth.   

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