7 Reasons CRM Is the Best Software For Remote Teams

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CRM for remote teams


COVID-19 Pandemic has affected our business in different ways. As most companies are now working remotely, the need for the best software for remote teams is more than ever. 

To efficiently manage your business remotely, increase collaboration among teams and ensure that you deliver the best customer experiences during this crucial time, you must leverage CRM software. 

As the CRM platform has got you covered, let’s dive in to learn more about how CRM software can help businesses operating remotely and what makes it the best software for remote team management.

Seamless Integration with Other Productivity Apps

As CRM software can be integrated with other productivity applications, you can cut the hassle of juggling different software and losing track of your tasks. Simply integrate your CRM platform with other business software and tools by leveraging CRM integration services to streamline your activity pipeline and improve task management. Moreover, the integration process is more seamless if you are using SugarCRM as it is flexible, easy to use and has an interactive user interface. 

Mobile CRM

Equip your teams to better communicate with clients, manage tasks and stay updated with everything about the business with Mobile CRM. With SugarCRM implementation, you can access it anywhere and at any time to ensure that all business operations are run smoothly and quickly respond to your customers. 

Actionable Insights for Better Strategizing

In times of crisis, it’s important to be flexible in decision-making and change strategies to better adapt to the changing business situations. Now, with the CRM software in place, your data will be automatically updated and you can utilize it to derive actionable insights and plan your next move. 

For example, if you leverage SugarCRM, you can make the most of your CRM investment to stay ahead of the curve and use it for robust reporting and interactive dashboards. Hence, teams working from home or remotely can leverage CRM as the best software for remote teams by making the most of predictive analytics. 

Building Trusting Customer Relationships

During difficult economic situations, it’s crucial for a business to develop trusting customer relationships and utilize all customer touchpoints to know more about their customers. You can do it by integrating your CRM with Sugar Market to send personalized emails to your customers and let them know that you are with them in the time of crisis and will continue to deliver excellent results. 

Sales On the Go

For remote teams, cloud-based software such as SugarCRM will ensure that the efficiency of the sales team is not affected. CRM helps in removing all bottlenecks in communication as all CRM users get a 360-degree view of the customers and the sales pipeline to work together and maximize the revenues. 

Moreover, another reason that SugarCRM is a top option when it comes to choosing the best software for remote teams is its enhanced sales intelligence functionalities and accurate sales forecasting. 

Streamline Communication Among Teams

For teams to work better in a remote setting, there is no better option than SugarCRM as the best software for remote teams. CRM platform will provide end-to-end visibility of the activity pipeline and ensure that all employees are updated with the current business scenario and are proactively working to adapt to the changing business situations. Additionally, you can integrate Google Calendar in Sugar with the help of SugarCRM plugin- RT G Sync and easily schedule meetings and stay on top of your day to drive efficiency in business operations.

Boost Productivity

With seamless communication, CRM helps teams to boost productivity by eliminating redundant tasks through automation. This will allow your team to save the time spent on repetitive tasks such as data entry so they can focus on answering customer queries, regaining customer confidence and assuring them that they will be provided with the best customer service. 

It’s A Wrap!

When employees are working remotely, the decision of choosing the best software for remote teams is critical. Investing in CRM software for working remotely will help in managing teams, building trusting relationships with customers and planning proactively by making data-driven decisions. Moreover, you can also leverage the expertise of our SugarCRM Certified Team to enhance the functionalities of your Sugar to boost the productivity of your remote teams and springboard your business to the next level. 


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