Sugar Market

Sugar Market Your End to End Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing bridges the gap between consumers and the organization. Most businesses highly focus on marketing and look for innovative ways to increase ROI through marketing automation platform. Not just this, companies with marketing automation see an average of 60% higher lead-to-sale conversion rate. While there are many options out there, it is highly unlikely to find a complete marketing automation solution. Well, Sugar has proved us wrong with its all-in-one marketing automation platform- Sugar Market. Now, many marketing managers are keen to leverage Sugar Market to stay ahead of their competitors. Let’s explore what is it all about and how it will revolutionize your business.

What is Sugar Market?

Sugar Market is an all-in-one marketing automation platform to streamline your marketing activities. This is a new step towards innovation after SugarCRM acquired Salesfusion, which was later renamed as Sugar Market. It can be used on its own and also be integrated with your Sugar or other CRMs including Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, and Salesforce, etc. So, what does Sugar Market bring to the table for your company?

Features of Sugar Market

All Marketing Platforms in One Place

Does your team juggle between different marketing platforms to identify customer touchpoints and leverage each one of them? With social media, customer touchpoints are changing at a faster rate than ever. However, you can streamline all your interactions with the customer on social media through Sugar Market. Letting you to schedule posts, manage accounts and track brand performance; Sugar Market will enable you to boost engagement and accelerate customer acquisition.  

Increased Online Traffic

With Sugar Market, you don’t need to worry about managing your Google Ads Campaigns separately. Leverage the platform to see an increase in traffic and drive more qualified leads.

Optimized for Search Engines 

As digital marketing is evolving at a fast pace, it is imperative to have a website with an optimal load time. Now, if you are using a marketing automation platform but your site does not work properly- your business will be doomed to fail. Sugar Market brings a complete solution to website and SEO audit, so you can see how your site is performing and get its competitive analysis, as well. Hence, Sugar Market will help you attract more visitors to your site with smarter marketing.

Effective Campaign Management

Marketing campaign automation can be done effectively through Sugar Market. It lets you manage 3 types of campaigns: single emails, nurture-based campaigns, and trigger campaigns.

Automated email campaigns save a lot of time and help in optimizing your sales funnel. In your Sugar Market, you can easily and quickly create personalized email campaigns. In addition, Sugar Market lets you streamline your email marketing workflow by scheduling emails. You can also get relevant statistics regarding emails opened, subscribed or any specified action taken, etc. So, choose from the in-built email templates or create your own for a responsive email campaign. You can also run a nurture-based campaign to convert more or optimized trigger campaigns based on a user’s action for maximized results.

Better Lead Capturing 

Understanding customer engagement is important for digital marketing automation. You can transform your customer’s journey by tracking engagement through different stages of the sales funnel in your Sugar Market. Moreover, you can also get actionable insights regarding your prospects’ interaction with your website and streamline your account engagement.

Optimized Lead Nurturing 

Automated lead nurturing is a necessary step for closing more deals and improving conversion rates. According to DemandGen, nurtured leads result in a 20% increase in sales opportunities as compared to non-nurtured lead campaigns. You need to break the noise and stay at the top-of-mind of your prospects. Thus, empower your team with Sugar Market so they can send automated tailored messages to the prospective buyers for a more personalized customer experience.

In Sugar Market, nurturing campaigns is easy with its drag and drop features. Just choose the mailing list from your marketing automation platform or your CRM and include or exclude people based on various touchpoints. The more you customize the list according to your business needs, the better the results. Furthermore, you can also renew a campaign by adding a rule/logic related to some action. For example, after sending emails, you can add a rule of follow-up calls if the specified action was taken.

Lead Scoring for Higher Conversions 

It’s disappointing when you aren’t able to close a deal after spending a lot of time and energy on a certain lead. This won’t happen anymore as Sugar Market has an in-built lead scoring mechanism. Sugar Market allows you to assign a certain score to users based on their web activity, email engagement, campaign engagement, etc. This is important for marketers as they can get the score of a lead and target it accordingly in their marketing efforts.

Make Landing Pages and Lead Forms Easily

Landing Pages help to keep the audience engaged so you can seize new opportunities. In your Sugar Market, you can save a lot of time through landing page automation. For this, use the drag-and-drop builders or choose the lead form templates. You can also build custom web pages for quick lead capturing and strategizing in a better way.

Measure a Webinar’s Success 

Being an all-in-one marketing platform, the Sugar Market also lets you manage and track your webinars and online events.

Create Custom Surveys Fast 

Another benefit of a marketing automation system like Sugar Market is that you can create custom surveys within the platform. This will give you actionable insights about your customers so you can up your business game.

Reporting and Interactive Dashboards

You can understand your customers better by tracking critical metrics and determine what drives your revenue. With interactive marketing analytics dashboards in your Sugar Market, you can create visually appealing reports that are easy to share.

CRM Integration with Sugar Market 

Another amazing feature of Sugar Market is that it enables seamless CRM integration. You can integrate Sugar Market with your Sugar or any other CRM platform and have real-time synchronization. It will bring your sales and marketing team on a unified platform, so you can drive more profits and increase your revenues.

How will Sugar Market Benefit my Business?

Now, coming to the point that you have been waiting for. As Sugar Market is an all-in-one marketing platform, it has the potential to transform your business. Here’s how! 

Increase Your Sales

Marketing Automation Workflow becomes easy with Sugar Market. It lets you reach out to prospects, attract more leads and optimize your sales funnel. Hence, with Sugar Market, you will see a boost in your sales figures. 

Higher Marketing ROI

Sugar Market will give you a clear picture of how your marketing campaigns are performing so you can strategize in a better way. Moreover, 63% of companies leverage marketing automation to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts. Wouldn’t you want to outgrow your competitors?

Optimize Resource Allocation

As Sugar Market allows you to track and monitor your campaigns, you can have an optimized allocation of resources, time and money. Moreover, you can also customize SugarCRM to better manage your workflows. Not only will this drive profits, but also boost the productivity of your team.

Improve Customer Experience

Engage with clients at all touchpoints and address their issues for better customer experience. Through CRM and Marketing automation with your Sugar Market, you can retain more customers in an efficient way.

Supercharge Growth with Performance analysis

You can leverage advanced analytics in your Sugar Market to track the performance of your marketing team and visualize results through a marketing analytics dashboard. This will give you a holistic performance analysis to pinpoint areas of improvement, so you can revolutionize your business.

Over To You!

With its pre-integrated marketing and sales automation solutions, Sugar Market can benefit your business in multiple ways. Leverage it fully with CRM integration and see your business revolutionized. 

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