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Sugar Discover The Right Approach to Advanced Revenue Analytics

It’s the age of big data analytics. Companies see a revolution when they adopt business intelligence tools and leverage all the big data. Usually, this results in a number of reports and dashboards, consuming a lot of your team’s time. Often, boardrooms echo with the conversations focusing on getting the most out of data while saving time and being efficient. A number of suggestions are rolled out and some tools are used. The result? Not a noticeable increase in efficiency. 

However, an innovative solution to tackle advanced customer and revenue analytics just rolled out. What’s that? As Sugar is a powerful CRM analytics platform, it didn’t stop innovating. With a focus on getting the most out of your Sugar customer’s data, SugarCRM has just released a new product- Sugar Discover. 

Features of Sugar Discover

Sugar Discover is a new approach to sales and revenue management analytics, making it easy and fast to extract data from your Sugar. 

Pre-loaded Data Metrics

It is pre-loaded with hundreds of metrics, KPI’s and analytics, and automates the process of tracking these metrics in real-time at a fast pace. 

Discovery Insights

This powerful feature by Sugar Discovery helps in detecting changes in your data that are impacting the performance of your desired metrics. Moreover, you can rewind history to understand trends better.

A Complete Solution For the Non-Technical Users

With Sugar Discover, you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to conduct advanced analysis of your data. It empowers non-technical users as there is no need to learn SQL. In addition to this, there is no need to create, run and maintain ETL processes. 

Better User Interface

The interface of Sugar Discovery allows you to:

  • Create customizable drag & drop queries
  • Add a calculation
  • Hide a field
  • Preview the data directly
  • Get statistics about data

However, along with this you can further do SugarCRM customization or take benefit of SugarCRM support to enhance your business functions. 

Applications of Sugar Discover in Business

Sugar Discover has the potential to drive profits in your business through insights from big data. With it, your sales, marketing, and finance teams using SugarCRM will see an increase in productivity. This is because Sugar Discover will help them in defining their strategies. Let’s see how you can leverage Sugar Discover! 

Revenue Analytics Made Simple

The application of Sugar Discover is vast across different businesses. In any industry vertical, sales play an important role. Many times, your business strategies revolve around increasing sales and revenue. Worry no more, as Sugar Discover has made revenue management analytics simple and easy. With easy-to-use features and an interactive interface, you can find the answer to your most complex sales questions by playing with the data in your Sugar Discover. You can leverage predictive analytics and predict your revenue to maneuver strategies if needed.

Identify Problems in Your Sales Funnel 

Most importantly, Sugar Discover will help you in faster identification of problems in sales funnels. Hence, you can resolve them instantly. This will also help you in better planning out your sales strategies.

Better Performance Analysis

With Sugar Discover, you can understand your performance in a better way, and immediately. There is no need to create your own analytical database, as you will have access to hundreds of performance metrics in your Sugar Discover. 

Advanced Analytics Made Simpler

As Sugar Discovery comes with pre-built tools and metrics, it makes tackling advanced analytics quite easy. Now, if you want to leverage SugarCRM Data Migration or dig deeper into your Sugar modules, Sugar Discover makes the job quite easy. The users can make use of their data to come up with better strategies rather than just viewing it. The best part is that you don’t need a technical background in advanced data analysis. In this way, Sugar Discover empowers non-technical users. 

More Value in Less Time 

Sugar Discover is easy to use and provides more value in less time. It leverages machine learning algorithms and also lets you create interactive reports and dashboards. 

Get Actionable Insights Instantly

It really affects your business efficiency if your business tools have delays when showing results and trends. With Sugar Discover, you can instantly get actionable insights into your Sugar customers’ data. 

Save Money Spent on Technical Expertise

If your organization spends a big chunk of budget in getting technical expertise to get the most out of your data, Sugar Discover will help you save a lot. After extending your CRM platform with Sugar Discover, you don’t need to hire separate technical resources to carry out advanced data analytics. 

No Need to Customize Business Intelligence Tools

Often times, companies spend a lot of money on Business Intelligence tools. Later, to utilize them in the business, a lot of customizations are required. This makes the application of Business Intelligence tools to your business quite an expensive option. However, Sugar Discover is a complete data analytics solution with great value for money.  

Over To You!

The Sugar Discover is taking innovation in CRM analytics to the next level. No wonder, it is the right addition to bring about a transformation in your customer data analytics, revenue analytics, and sales analytics. So, get your hands on Sugar Discover and revolutionize your business. 

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