Sugar Sell – What makes Sugar the Best CRM Sales Solution?

Sugar Sell What makes Sugar the Best CRM Sales Solution

Nobody can deny the impact of exceptional customer relationship management in driving high sales. If nothing, it really gives a boost to your sales figures and increases the customer retention rate. The industry’s favorite CRM platform SugarCRM has reinvented itself to provide innovative solutions to its customers. The all-new-Sugar has come up with three products: Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market. We have already talked about how Sugar Serve can help transform and streamline the customer journey and the discussion on how Sugar Market is a complete marketing automation platform was also quite interesting. 

Now, if you are thinking about ways to accelerate your revenues and boost the productivity of your sales teams, Sugar Sell is the perfect solution. So, without further ado, let’s dive straight in and see how you can leverage Sugar Sell to up your customer relationship management game!   

What is Sugar Sell?

Sugar Sell is a top-rated sales CRM software made to work for any organization. It lets you create meaningful customer relationships, providing the users with innovative features and a price you would want to pay. Imagine: you get all your customers’ data in a unified platform and leverage the database for seamless sales processes through automation, smooth collaboration and robust reporting. Can all this be a reality? Yes, and only with Sugar Sell!

Are you keen to see your sales figures increasing while you provide unparalleled buying experiences to your customers? Here’s how you can achieve your business goals with Sugar Sell, so let’s not delay and dive in.

Main Features of Sugar Sell

features of sugar sell

To see how Sugar Sell is the right solution to all your sales-related problems, we should first have a look at its key features. 

Accurate Forecasting for a Proactive Approach

Sugar Sell lets you forecast sales and streamline your sales cycle. Moreover, you can also do quote management efficiently and make sound predictions to have a proactive approach.

Never Miss a Lead or an Opportunity

A prime feature of Sugar Sell is that it gives a 360-degree insight into each customer interaction with everyone in the company. With this, you can keep a track of all your leads and opportunities and ensure seamless contact management. It also lets you plan ahead and strategize in a better way to run your business smartly.

Easy Access to Product Catalog

Sugar Sell allows you to put your product catalog within your Sugar Sell so you can easily search and browse products. This will save you the hassle of going through large excel files to search for the required product.

Streamline Quote Management

After you have put in the effort to capture leads and engaging the prospects, then it’s time for creating custom quotes. This will enable you to manage the process efficiently and seize the opportunities for your business growth. 

Manage Workflows Better with SugarBPM

We have already covered how SugarBPM can streamline your workflows and improves efficiency across the organization. As SugarBPM comes with Sugar Sell, this means a lot better results and efficient business process management through automation. Hence, you can leverage SugarBPM by creating a sales workflow for managing customer email notifications, routing leads, and getting quick approvals on quotes.

Personalized Dashboards and Custom Reporting

Sugar Sell makes it easier to make informed and data-driven decisions. Along with reporting, you can also make your data interactive through personalized dashboards and keep all stakeholders informed about the on-going situation of the business to plan ahead.

Benefits of Sugar Sell for Your Business

benefits of sugar sell

No doubt, sales management is difficult and you have to go the extra mile to optimize your sales funnel and improve conversion rate.  Even though Sugar Sell can benefit a company in a number of ways, we have highlighted the most important ones!

Actionable Insights to Monitor Your Business Performance

For any business to grow, it is imperative to monitor the sales processes and track the defined metrics against specified KPIs. With Sugar Sell, you can create personalized dashboards. This will provide the sellers with a 360-degree view for better account management, ensure the right customer segmentation and get actionable insights with just a click.

Reduced Costs of Sales

Most businesses are always struggling to cut extra costs for efficient resource management. As Sugar Sell is your complete set of sales automation tools with one of the best sales funnel software, it will help boost your team’s productivity so they can spend more time engaging with the clients. Moreover, Sugar Sell enables its users to cut the hassle of manual data entry and automate pipeline management issues. All in all, Sugar Sell lets you unlock the hidden potential in your sales team and skyrocket your business growth with the power of CRM.

Improved Customer Buying Experience

Another amazing feature of Sugar Sell is that it lets you transform the customer buying experience. You can automate the entire sales process and optimize the crucial customer-facing processes. Ideally, you should leverage technology to work for you and SugarCRM lets you do that easily! Providing its users an ecosystem for driving efficiency in business, Sugar Sell integrations with other business tools will help in staying ahead of your competitors. By using Sugar Sell, you will see a lot more happy customers and generate a higher ROI.

Close More Deals with Collaborative Selling

In the recent past, companies are seeing their sales graphs trending upwards with collaborative selling. But, how can you do this through your Sugar Sell?

It is simple!

Sugar Sell brings all the important information regarding leads and customers on the surface, giving access to all the users- so they are on the same page.

In this way, everyone involved in the sales process is aware of the situation at each step of the sales funnel. The end result: winning more customers and closing more deals by streamlining your processes with the amazing sales management tools of Sugar Sell. This makes Sugar Sell the best CRM software for sales management. 

The Bottom Line!

Sugar Sell makes the right solution to optimize your sales funnel and take your business to the next level. Get on the path to building better customer relationships with Sugar Sell and see your sales team doing wonders.

Moreover, you can also unlock the full potential in your sales team with the RT SalesMap Mobile app as the best sales field management solution to optimize their schedules with proactive planning, keeping track of the best routes for meetings, and getting real-time directions. 


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