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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Salesforce is innovating at a fast pace with frequent updates and exciting acquisitions around the year. After the Salesforce Winter ’20 release, Salesforce is back with a lot more features to improve the user experience and take your business to the next level.

Let’s have a look at the highlights of the Salesforce Spring’20 release and see what the CRM industry leader has in store for its users.   

Email Branching and Scheduling For High-Velocity Sales Cadences

Salesforce Spring ’20 release will boost the productivity of sales teams with its enhancement of the Salesforce High-Velocity Sales tool. Sales managers can now branch sales cadences to improve email engagement and schedule emails. By leveraging the automated email templates, Salesforce users can send emails to prospects easily and in much less time. As a result, sales reps will have a clear path to engage users and increase customer engagement. 

Salesforce Content Management System 

With the Salesforce Spring ’20 release, several enhancements have been made to the Salesforce CMS. Users can reuse their Salesforce CMS content across different Salesforce Clouds and other channels outside the Salesforce ecosystem. Moreover, different flexible layouts have been added to the Salesforce CMS and you can also customize layouts to deliver engaging content. 

Case Merge For Better Case Management

Salesforce Spring ’20 release has streamlined case management with Salesforce Service Cloud. Now, your customer service agents can merge cases by combining duplicate cases and resolve the issues at a fast pace. Additionally, agents can prioritize cases by looking at the escalation icon in the cases list view in Salesforce and add code snippets in the emails to improve their customer support. 

Task-Queue Assignment

Seamlessly manage team workload with the Salesforce Task Queue Assignment feature. You can assign tasks to a group of users in a queue manually rather than assign tasks separately to different users. Additionally, users can also automate the task assigning process through process builder in Salesforce to streamline workflows and boost the team’s productivity. 

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Einstein Voice For Salesforce Mobile App 

There have been some major upgrades to the Salesforce Mobile App entailing the Einstein Voice Assistant. All the Salesforce Mobile App users will automatically be upgraded to the latest version with an improved UI, better adaptability and fast performance. Now, with the Einstein voice assistant feature, users can talk to Salesforce just like Alexa and can configure voice commands so your sales team can work on the go. 

Recycle Bin Added To Salesforce Lightning

The highly demanded recycle bin feature from the Salesforce Classic has now been added to the Salesforce Lightning Experience. With this new feature, you can easily view and restore deleted reports and data from your Salesforce org. Moreover, you can also permanently delete files and empty the recycle bin when needed. 

Improved Data Security with Data Mask

With the Salesforce Spring ’20 release, data security in Salesforce got even better. Now with the update, Salesforce users can leverage data masking to delete data that is personally identified or hide its identity to make it anonymous in the sandbox. This will protect data as users can anonymize and even pseudonymize it by replacing the information such as names and emails so that the identity remains hidden. 

Reporting and Counting Unique Values

Salesforce Spring ‘20 release has improved the reporting feature of Salesforce. You can leverage reporting in a better way to count unique values such as different accounts, users, cases, etc. Moreover, users can now access deleted reports and dashboards easily from the recycle bin to ensure that no important data is lost by mistake. 

Clone Objects and Their Related Records

The cloning record feature has been enhanced with the Salesforce Spring ’20 release. Not only can you clone objects but also clone related records, cutting the hassle of manually finding related records.

The Bottom Line!

This was a breakdown of the Salesforce Spring ’20 release. To ensure a smooth transition and fully leverage the Salesforce new features and added functionalities, you can avail our Salesforce Consultancy Services and make the most of your Salesforce to gain a competitive advantage. 

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