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Today’s business landscape has become fast paced where people expect more done in less time as we are constantly flitting from task to task. Whether it is the production process or delivery of a service or product, the expectation of work efficiency and quick results from users as well as stakeholders has increased manifold. Sales and Marketing teams are constantly dodging deadlines due to the endless amount of time spent on organizing the data of hundreds of clients at a time. Therefore, companies and business owners are looking for tools that can help them reduce time devoted to administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on high priority tasks instead, i.e. delivering products and services to maximize revenues and achieve business goals.

CRMs have helped a great deal in this endeavor by providing a comprehensive platform to manage business operations related information and tasks such as leads, contacts and accounts; allowing organizations to get a birds-eye-view of the whole customer journey as well as sales processes.

However, the one thing that CRMs such as Salesforce CRM and SugarCRM, being two of the most popular software in this domain, struggle with is managing and organizing emails. Keeping track of emails can be very complex without a good CRM, teams often struggle locating and finding the origin of emails, past interactions with clients, which leads are linked to which emails, the relationship between cases etc…It is worth a CRM administrator’s time to have access to a tool that enables them to archive emails that can be added to a CRM database; saving them irrelevant time spent on fetching large amounts of data that can otherwise be easily located with CRM. Here are three main reasons why CRM administrators should use an Email Archiving Tool:

Organization of Emails

CRMs provide an email module, but configuring them often requires knowledge of incoming and outgoing mail servers, and even then there isn’t a proper way of organizing emails into different categories i.e. there are no fields to help us enter case IDs or contact information against which past interactions can be located. Administrators are better off using a tool that works with their email management software, such as Mozilla Thunderbird or Gmail; and links emails to CRM records so all related emails can be archived on the spot. CRMs can really help make it easier for teams to look into leads or find a contact to retrieve all previous relevant interactions with them. This could be particularly helpful when analyzing a case or evaluating a lead.

Email File Management

CRMs have a documents module in which businesses can manage all business-related documents; where these documents can even be linked to CRM databases. However, there is no way to retrieve data to help identify which stage of the sales process the file was sent at. The solution to this is archiving email attachments along with the emails as a result of which users have to simply fetch the email information on the CRM database where they can view the attachments of the email as well; making it easier to understand the context of the email.

Addition of New CRM Contacts

Adding contacts to databases manually can be very time consuming and may also lead to inefficiency and human error. Users will not only save time but also avoid missing contacts or making errors on the database with a good CRM archiving tool. Email correspondents can be integrated into CRM databases automatically and eventually leads can also be saved into the database straight from the user’s inbox. Archiving software provides this capability to add email contacts into your CRM so you can add them to the sales pipeline immediately. This will reduce spending extra hours trying to convert leads, and consequently increase the business output.

Final Thought

CRM archiving tools can be highly beneficial for organizations, regardless of their size and nature; as they offer multiple features that help teams improve efficiency and accuracy. These features not only help teams perform better but also help build stronger relationships with clients as CRMs have the ability to gather key information about your consumers. Additionally, sales processes can be streamlined, making it easier to evaluate leads as they are still under process. All relevant information is stored in a cloud based database, which is accessible to anyone from the organization; making it easier to instantly retrieve client information when required. CRM archiving tools can help teams store, organize and manage documents and data more efficiently, where converting correspondences into business opportunities can be made easier.

If you’re using Salesforce crm services or SugarCRM services for your business, Rolustech’s RT Archive Emails is a great tool for email archiving; helping you minimize time spent on tedious tasks.

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