Importance of Leads Module in CRM



Leads CRM Module  plays a significant role in CRM softwares and is usually responsible for boosting sales force of the organization. Catering to the major functionality of CRM software, Leads Module automates and optimizes the customer generation process. The initial phase of customer generation process is managed by the Lead module which not only identifies the potential customers but also helps convert those potential customers (leads) into contacts, accounts or opportunities etc. Lead Module provides assistance in leads management by offering a number of functionalities including:

  • Keeping details of leads
  • Tracking of Lead Source
  • Keeping track of follow-up
  • Assigning Sales person to the lead
  • Monitoring status of communication
  • Sending reminder to the assignee (customizable feature) etc.

You cannot expect to generate customers until and unless you manage your lead force intelligently. Poor management, lack of follow-up and delayed response can make you lose your Lead and the chance of expanding your customer base. So, customize your lead module to the level you can, manage your leads there, keep following up till they convert into your sales opportunities (possible customers).

Get your hands onto the lead module in CRM and turn your every lead into a customer.

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