Reasons For Integrating Analytics With CRM

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CRM analytics comprises programming that analyzes data about an enterprise’s customer database. The data is presented in a specialized manner to facilitate quicker and successful business decisions. Leveraging interactive dashboards, companies can use this integrated information for the following positive reasons:

  • Better Customer Understanding

Track/filter customer performance and customer trends.

  • Enhanced functionality on Customer-Facing Operations

Track company’s performance in terms of service, sales and marketing.

  • Help in Decision Making Process

Help in providing big picture number necessary to make operational decisions.

  • Predictive Modeling

Gain the ability to better predict customer response based on their past behavior and segmented demographics.

  • Benchmarking

Benchmarking allows organizations to compare their performance to industry standards for productivity, utilization, customer service, and more. Analytics provides data for performing detailed benchmarking over time.

SugarCRM includes built-in reporting that provides Sugar users with the ability to report on varied CRM data. Customized CRMs also ensure that the data itself is relevant to users and generated through the right modules and fields. The reporting tool turns data into useful information to help perform multi-dimensional analysis and monitor performance across the business including: marketing CRM analytics (Track which channel is most/least profitable), sales trends, case reports, and customer profiles etc.

Cognos reporting tools can be used for integrating advanced analytics with CRM. This can help in tracking key performance metrics and cutting down on report prep time.

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