Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Diversitech


Diversitech has been a technology leader in the Air Filtration and Dust Collection industry since 1984. It delivers reliable high-quality products manufactured to perform correctly in your application. Its team of experienced support professionals helps companies verify air pollution control requirements and recommends solutions to deliver clean air in the workspace.


Diversitech was using SugarCRM for keeping track of its products as well as for handling leads. Customers could view products on a WordPress website and inquire about a product or request a quote by filling out a web to lead form. The leads were fed into SugarCRM, but there was no proper lead assignment mechanism in place. Leads were assigned to agents randomly and often to a person in the wrong region. Agents were unable to cater to such leads and mature them, causing Diversitech to lose out on potential customers. It needed our team of SugarCRM experts to better equip its CRM for handling this issue by creating a mechanism that could connect a client with the right lead.


Web to lead form on the website was customized and additional fields and prompts to enter postal code were implemented.
Sales agents were assigned a geographical range they would be responsible for, in SugarCRM.
Lead assignment according to Postal Code was implemented. The Round-robin algorithm was implemented in Sugar and was used to assign leads to a sales agent if there were multiple sales agents available for that lead’s Postal Code.
The Quotes module was customized according to the client’s unique needs.



With the sophisticated lead assignment and SugarCRM module customization in place, it was ensured that leads were assigned to a sales agent who could effectively cater to them, maturing them into customers. Cold leads were a thing of the past and lead mismanagement no longer stood in the way of Diversitech’s sales and success.

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