Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Transport Industry

germantransfer 1

German Transfer is an online broker that specializes in transfers for business and leisure travelers. They contract independent licensed transportation companies (B2B solutions for transfer service providers) to provide transfers throughout Germany and Europe. Transfers to the airport, train station, hotel or any other destination are booked online with access to a fleet of 30.000 automobiles.


German Transfer was previously using an out of the box SugarCRM and required the services of SugarCRM development and customization experts who could better equip their CRM for handling various processes that were essential for their business in managing their clients and drivers.

After holding multiple discovery sessions and figuring out their exact business requirements, our team of certified SugarCRM developers proposed a highly customized case management and ticketing system.


A ticketing system was developed that ensured that every time a client requested German Transfer’s services via email or telephone, a case was automatically created for it in the CRM system.
The case management process in SugarCRM was customized according to German Tranfer’s business processes.
Information such as Car and driver availability, schedules, etc. was made to sync with the CRM.



With the SugarCRM customizations in place, cases were automatically generated along with the client’s specifics and forwarded to the support team. The support team had all the relevant information at their fingertips at all time and could assign cars and drivers from within the CRM, making the entire process more efficient and fully optimized.

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