Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Mountain Capital


Since 2008, Bay Mountain Capital has provided financing solutions to residential and commercial real estate investors in Texas through private equity direct hard money funds, ranging from $50,000 to $5,000,000. It specializes in transactions where market knowledge and speed of execution are key elements. Its simple process allows investors to quickly execute acquisitions with the confidence necessary to meet their investment objectives.


BMC was using Sugar Community Edition for all its business needs. It wanted to customize it for more effective and optimized loan creation and management. Bay Mountain wanted to be able to create loan records quickly with the ability to add details in a specific format and also address the needs of its diverse clientele. Moreover, BMC wanted to be able to export this information up while retaining this specific field format in excel for backup or sharing with the clients.


A custom Loans module was built.
A Quick Create shortcut was added to the menu that, upon clicking, displayed a popup with the custom fields. A loan record could then be created directly from the popup by clicking the save button. This would also redirect the user to the newly created loan record in the loans module.
PHP Docs were used to implement 8 different record templates to account for different client types in Sugar CE.
It was made sure that the format of the input field the same as the surrounding text. All percentages were displayed correct to 1 decimal place and all dollar amounts were correct to the nearest cent.
A link was added to the list view in the Loans module to directly export all the records to an excel sheet whilst taking into account the format/template considerations mentioned above.
The functionality to export all documents in PDF format was added.



The implementation of the custom Loans module, new Quick Create popup and various SugarCRM field customization mentioned above allowed Rolustech to streamline all of Bay Mountain Capital’s loan management processes. This also boosted the productivity of its employees and allowed it to better cater to different types of clients.

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