Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for IT Industry


Founded in 2011, Indigena is a First Nations-owned IT and business process services provider operating a Business Solutions Technology Delivery Centre located in the lower mainland of British Columbia. Indigena provides Application Maintenance, Application Testing, and Infrastructure Services all the way to managing IT and business functions on behalf of clients. Indigena opened its first delivery centre in July 2012.


Indigena was previously using a vanilla instance of its CRM for its operations in tandem with spreadsheets for some basic reporting. Indigena was looking for CRM customization and development experts who could better equip it for support issue handling, incident management and case tracking. It wanted to optimize the various stages involved in the support process and implement its reports in the CRM for advanced analytics and better insights. It also wanted to customize the look and feel of the CRM to better mimic its processes and engage its employees.

After holding multiple discovery sessions and figuring out their exact business requirements, our team of SugarCRM experts proposed extensive case module customization and workflow implementations.


Case module was customized and workflow automation implemented that created events whenever a case status updated, created tasks for support reps for specific statuses and notified the relevant customer via email.
Case module fields were customized. Certain fields like attachments were only enabled when the case was open and vice versa.
Extra buttons and sections were removed and a ticketing system was implemented.
After login, the main page displayed user profile, user statistics i.e. no of incidents currently open and incidents resolved but not closed.
Built Custom reports in SugarCRM that were based on Indigena’s pre-existing format i.e. the I-Care usage report, monthly incident report and the OTC resolution report.
Role based field access was implemented.



Once the system was customized according to the client’s exact needs, the system became much more responsive and enabled the client firm to efficiently organize all its information. The improvements in UI and customization allowed Indigena to respond to cases faster and track them effectively. The workflow implementations and automatic triggers boosted the support team’s productivity and enabled them to better coordinate with each other and their project managers. User access controls prevented any unauthorized entries and made the system more secure.

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