Case Study: Customized SugarCRM for Online Services

Org urself

Organize Yourself is an online service that assists individuals in getting organized by offering guidance on how they can focus on one task at a time. Experts at Organize Yourself offer personalized guidance and advice that helps individuals identify their weak areas and lets them learn new skills and habits to finish tasks on time.


The company has its own website where it offers individuals the flexibility to choose from five different programs: office, household, children, time-management and financial records. The website was experiencing technical issues that required troubleshooting. The company was having trouble sending emails as they got queued up and weren’t delivered to customers on time. Moreover, Organize Yourself planned on adding some additional features to its time-management portal, for which it required technical assistance.


The website was analyzed and scrutinized to optimize its performance so users could access it seamlessly.
A number of steps were added to the time-management portal. Users first had to register, then submit their problem, fill out a questionnaire and then finally take a survey so a customized program could be developed. Forms were designed for all of these steps.
Emails could not be sent as they were flagged as spam. The issue was resolved so emails could be delivered to customers as soon as they were sent.



Organize Yourself was able to communicate effectively with its customers and share the latest updates once the email issue was fixed. The website was up and running smoothly without any interruptions. The time-management portal, the most popular service provided by Organize Yourself was enhanced by adding several additional steps with elegant features.

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