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Safetech Hardware

Founded in 2007, Safetech Hardware has become an international leader in the design and manufacturing of revolutionary patented gate and fence hardware solutions. Their industry-leading pool gate latches, self-closing hinges, gravity latches and other innovative products are created in line with our company’s focus on quality, safety, security and protection. As a specialist provider in the global market, they provide gate and fence manufacturers and installers cutting edge hardware solutions that are time saving, easy to install, easy to use and extremely reliable.


Safetech Hardware wanted to extract the data records of its customers in Australia and New Zealand from SugarCRM Community Edition and export them to an Excel file. The records that were of interest to Safetech were residing in three modules: Leads, Accounts and Contacts. The Excel file would then be imported into another CRM. Furthermore, the company required a few integrations to extend the functionality of its CRM system.


  • Custom PHP script used to query the database and get the relevant module data. Our developers performed checks to get accurate information for country field mismatches. CSV files, compatible with MS Excel, were also prepared for each module.
  • In order to identify the AUS and NZ records which did not have Country field, the script validated the city and street address to identify the record. Records still undetermined were pushed to a separate CSV file.
  • Opacus plugin was installed to sync emails, calls, meetings and tasks between Sugar and Outlook.
  • Twilio was integrated with Sugar so calls could be made to Leads, Contacts and Accounts and SMS campaigns could be run from within the CRM.


Separate Excel files were created for the data records in each module which could easily be exported to another CRM. The records which could not be identified were transferred to another excel file which assisted Safetech Hardware in manually verifying and updating them. Opacus plugin integration eliminated the need to update two systems simultaneously. Twilio integration made reaching out to leads and contacts effortless.

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