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Generative AI has taken the world by storm. What began with the conversational AI platforms designed to produce written responses to queries, has evolved into a revolution in industries such as art and education. Other industries are clamoring to utilize the power of generative AI to maximize efficiency, or to automate day-to-day processes.

Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, has launched Einstein AI, a generative AI platform designed specifically for the Salesforce cloud, thereby providing a vision of what CRM operations could look like in the near future. Salesforce’s Einstein GPT delivers AI-created content across every sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction, at hyperscale.

Einstein GPT merges proprietary AI models with generative AI technology from partners as well as other large language models to generate content for users from natural language commands. It utilizes real-time data from Salesforce to produce accurate results.

Maximizing Customer Personalization with Generative AI-Powered CRM

One of the most stressful tasks as a customer services professional is to craft the perfect response to a customer email. Striking the right tone and providing enough information that the customer feels satisfied, can be a tricky job. Einstein GPT can generate personalized content such as emails for customer service representatives to answer questions from customers more easily.

It can also help generate targeted marketing content in order to increase response rates. By analyzing a customer’s communication history and pulling key information about them from across the web, Einstein can help marketers craft the perfect targeted email.

Revolutionizing Your CRM System with AI-Powered Predictive Analytics

Data analytics in CRM can help sales representatives study trends, and predict revenue with sales forecasts. Einstein GPT does it all, with the added simplicity of verbal prompts instead of complex actions that sales reps usually have to perform to get insights from CRM data. AI powered predictive analytics can drive forecast accuracy, help close sales faster, and accelerate revenue intelligence in the Sales Cloud.

Users can view trends and key metrics in one consolidated view, see opportunity health signals, and see customer activity to learn more about the art of selling. Einstein also provides intelligent recommendations to address pipeline gaps, and the option to take action at the point of insight.

Boosting Your Sales Pipeline with AI-Driven Sales Automation in Your CRM

Automating sales processes can allow the reps to focus on revenue-generation and skip tasks such as data entry. To help with this, Einstein can capture data from emails and calendars to provide actionable insights such as generating an alert when a meeting is requested or  a competitor is mentioned. The reps can then take action as needed.

What’s more, it can transcribe sales calls, and provides insights on each call to progress the sales quickly. Users can share successful calls with new reps to help with onboarding as well.

Streamlining Your CRM Workflow: The Benefits of AI-Powered Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation, as already mentioned, Einstein GPT can create personalized emails. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it can create complete workflows with dynamic content so that each piece of content adapts to each recipient in real time. For example, a user can simply type in “Create a rule to follow up with customers who haven’t responded to an email in three days”, and it will serve up personalized messages each time the rule is triggered.

The Future of CRM: How Generative AI Will Affect Traditional CRM Strategies

With the introduction of Einstein GPT, Salesforce has provided a window into the future of CRM software. Marketers can create better personalized content faster, and increase customer engagement manifold. With the Data Cloud and Flow integration, salespeople  can create complex workflows that usually take up a large portion of their time, in minutes.

Looking ahead, we can see that this is going to make a huge difference in how CRM strategies are created. Every department from sales and marketing to executive will have to restructure their activities because a large portion of their daily tasks will be taken over by AI.

Users can focus on making the customer experience better in real time, by building better relationships with the people they sell to.

  • For Service professionals, AI will be able to create knowledge bases, improve response times by suggesting answers to queries, and analyze customer feedback to provide actionable customer insights.
  • Salespeople will be able to create personalized communication on the fly, view predicted sales trends, and be able to know which leads to target because AI will tell them which is the most likely to convert. Even when sales reps are preparing for a meeting, AI will be able to look up the latest information about the party.
  • For marketers, AI will be able to build personalized ad campaigns based on historical activity, and even forecast buying behavior of customers.

Ultimately, the goal of generative AI in general is to leverage the power of data. Within the scope of CRM, where data is critical to the success of operations, AI will provide a huge boost by enabling users to do more with data.

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