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Businesses use a CRM software to stay on top of their sales and make informed decisions by analyzing the sales pipeline at different stages. In fact, one of the matters most concerning for such businesses is how to make the most of their CRM to improve their performance. CRM is a great tool for organization of client data if you want to be in touch with different aspects of a potential sale or a lead, but it does not offer mobile accessibility by default, which would enable you to analyze a potential sale and follow leads more conveniently. That is where the idea of cloud storage comes in.

Cloud Storage and Backup

Cloud storage is the way of storing documents online such that they are accessible via any device that can connect to the internet, be it a desktop or mobile. An essential practice is to set up a backup of all data over cloud to keep it safe outside of the CRM as well. Mobile access is a secondary benefit, but it comes in handy for sales teams who want to have easy access to a contact or account’s information.

Box Cloud Storage

Box is a popular choice for businesses looking at cloud backup solutions, not only because of its added security features which give the owner close control of which files are accessible to whom, but also because it offers integration with different workflow applications to make it easier to implement.

Introducing RT SugarBox: SugarCRM and Box Integration

One of the applications that Box can be integrated with is CRM, and the most popular CRM, Sugar, can now be set up to backup documents to Box with a simple plugin. With RT SugarBox, you can have the organizational benefits of the CRM with the accessibility and security features of Box, to help your business get the best of both worlds.

Each uploaded document is automatically backed up to the cloud, and if you link it to a module such as a lead of contact, SugarBox will create a special folder in cloud to store it in. This way, even on the go, you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Easy Integration

Simply install the SugarBox plugin on your SugarCRM instance, and the scheduler takes care of backing up all the documents without needing your intervention. At the set-up, you are asked to authorize access to your Box account, and that’s it. One-click, and your work is done.

Bidirectional Sync

Not only does SugarBox backup all documents from Sugar to Box, but adding a document to your folder on Box will also sync it to appear on Sugar. What’s more, any updates to the documents are also synced both ways. You can stay on top of your work from the platform of your choice.

Organized Sync

SugarBox makes sure the organizational benefit of CRM is not lost in cloud storage. When you link a document to a record, be it an account, contact, opportunity, or any other module, it is stored in the specific folder in the appropriate hierarchy for you to access easily. Each record will have its own folder inside the main folder of the whole module. You never lose track of the information you need even on the go.

Take Action!

With Sugar by your side, meaningful customer relationships and excellent customer service are just a click away. Being flexible and robust, SugarCRM is the best CRM platform for any industry. Be it CRM benefits in healthcare industry, small businesses, financial services firms or education institutions, SugarCRM can prove to be a game-changer.

Get RT SugarBox for your SugarCRM Instance

To get the most out of your CRM with the help of Box cloud storage, download the RT SugarBox plugin here. We also offer a similar solution for SugarCRM, the free and open-source alternative to Sugar, on Suite Store.