Salesforce and Apple join forces: Here’s What it Means!

Salesforce and Apple 1

Salesforce announced that it is teaming up with Apple to drive new mobile apps for its business. The news broke out mere hours before Salesforce’s tech conference “Dreamforce”. Dreamforce is one of the top 5 tech events in the world and all anyone could talk about was what Salesforce and Apple have in store for their customers. Details regarding this strategic partnership still have people on their toes but we can make a couple of guesses as to what this could mean, for both Apple and Salesforce.

Salesforce Einstein + Siri?

Salesforce Einstein is the resident AI for all Salesforce platforms. It leverages machine learning and deep learning analytics to provide sales and marketing teams with a comprehensive 360 degree view of customers. Salesforce Einstein is embedded in all Salesforce Cloud platforms and provides predictive analysis functionalities to maximize conversions from the sales cycle.

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff, while talking about the partnership with Apple, said that Siri is the frontend and Salesforce will be the backend. Benioff hinted that users will be able to ask Siri to do a range of new tasks i.e. control lights, temperature of a room with their voice. Salesforce Einstein will leverage the data by tweaking itself depending on customer interactions and will consequently provide Siri with accurate and smarter data. It seems Siri will also be incorporated into Salesforce (Siri with Salesforce Support sounds nice!). We’ve got our fingers crossed on more details that are sure to come in the weeks ahead!

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New Salesforce App for iOS

The joint statement from the two companies stated that Salesforce will soon be redesigning their app for iOS platforms. This will provide a rich experience to customers exclusively on iOS. The app will be integrated with Siri, face ID, and business chat. Salesforce plans on taking its app to new heights by tailoring it for industries to serve their customer needs as well. The tech industry is quickly moving towards a voice specific interactive medium, this strategic partnership between Salesforce and Apple only goes to show how they’re both looking ahead of the curve!

Our Two Bits!

Knowing Salesforce and Apple, the sky is literally the limit in terms of what they can do with this partnership. The question, however, arises over how effectively this could transform both of their businesses. They’re off to a good start and the maiden collaboration over Siri seems to have quite a few practical benefits. Here’s hoping the rest of the road ahead is just as seamless!

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